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Exotic Freshwater Fish | Basic aquarium setup for a freshwater tropical fish tank
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Sometimes referred to as the Mexican salamander, the Axolotl hails from Mexico City and is technically an amphibian. The Axolotl has exotic looks, but also has some exotic needs. First and foremost, they are carnivores and will need a steady diet of feeder fish, insects, or worms. Sharing a tank with small fish is not a good idea. Secondly, they have sensitive skin and will need to be housed with a smooth sand base layer.
Own a fish tank with exotic fish - and by exotic I just mean not goldfish :P
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Massachusetts’ premier, full-service aquarium company. Custom fish tank design and installation, maintenance, renovation, tropical fish, exotic coral and more. We are going to go over the 10 most exotic freshwater fish. Maybe you will be able to pick out a few favorites to add to your tank.
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You may not consider the fish in your aquarium to be part of the décor, but you might be mistaken. One way to add some color to your tank is by adding exotic fish. Many exotic fish are known for their palettes.Who is the most famous person who has a fish tank? Madonna tops our list. She reportedly has an expensive luxury exotic fish tank in her home. Other famous female singers who own expensive fish tanks include Mariah Carey and Cher. Steven Spielberg has an aquarium in his office.In our web site we introduce you to our Dallas aquarium service programs, custom design and installation services, and our new Dallas aquarium retail store. You will also find a gallery of pictures containing a few of our aquarium service customer’s. These pictures are examples of the care we provide and aquariums we can create and install. From saltwater reefs, marine fish, or freshwater environments; from small, simple tanks to large, involved systems, Exotic Aquatics will do it all.One of the smallest members of the grouper family, these fish are found in both the Pacific and Atlantic. Although hardy, and able to adapt to captivity, it’s rare to see this fish for sale. They have to be collected using a deep-sea submersible craft, which accounts for the exorbitant price tag. This little fish is very shy in captivity as well as in the wild so even though you may shell out some hefty clams for this golden beauty, you may not see it all that often in your tank.This is the new exotic aquarium setup which has all the small type of tropical and delta fishes.

These are not common fishes available in the aqurium they are very rare and so they are exotic breeds also.
Its a quite 10 gallon tank with the light and filter setup. The sand has many seeds in it which make the plants to grow.
The fishes which are in the tank are listed below.

1. Tiger

2. Loach

3. Yellow tape eel ,

4. Long nosed Garfish

5. Blue neon Tetra

Very expensive and rare fishes will be seen in the next video.

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Exotic fish not native to Texas should be applied to an area with care. Some fish, such as certain small species of catfish, are useful for maintaining the clarity of a tank or indoor pond. Others, such as colorful Koi fish, add a particular aesthetic. Knowing the size and depth of your tank, its purpose, filtration requirements, construction and other factors can help you choose the exotic fish to occupy the tank. Whether you have an indoor or an outdoor tank will also be an important consideration.