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This is one crazy looking exotic freshwater fish. They have giant front teeth which is where the name vampire comes from. They are very aggressive fish that require expert level maintenance. Most of these fish usually will not live very long in captivity unfortunately. They usually only eat live fish and will rarely accept frozen foods. They are best suited for a species only aquarium with most aquarists who keep them only have a single fish in the tank.
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For one of the most extensive options in aquariums, head to the suburban Reefwise store. What makes this store even more worth the visit: seeing their 52-foot natural reef that they’ve designed to create a healthy living environment for all the fish that live in the water with it. Other aquariums also feature exotic saltwater fish. Their system for intaking fish — new fish come in every week — involves quarantining, helping to ensure that all fish that they are sell are healthy. Exotic Fish Freshwater Aquarium
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Collectors have offered as much as $30,000 for this very exotic fish. In 2012, there was only one available for public viewing. It was found at the Waikiki Aquarium having been captured by a Smithsonian Institute research expedition. It’s a deep water fish, which accounts for the rareness of encountering these beautiful fish. The average diver does not go to those depths. The fish is striking with stripes of red and white hence its name. Since 2012 they have been in high demand by private collectors wishing to add something rare and exotic to their aquariums.
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