Eclipse Tank Top Lighting and Filtration System Aquarium Hoods.

Eclipse Aquarium and Hood Replacement Lights.
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Acrylic Aquarium,
Fluorescent Lamp,
Rite-Size filter with Filter Cartridge,
BIO-Blend™ Tropical Fish Food,
BIO-Safe™ Tap Water Conditioner,
BIO-Coat™ Stress Defense

Acrylic aquarium construction has increased in popularity over the years and in some ways is superior to glass, though optically I still prefer a glass tank. They are lighter weight then glass, equally strong but don’t have seams that can leak or any sharp edges. Acrylic tanks are more apt to scratch then their glass counterparts but acrylic buffing kits are available to maintain a pristine view. I personally have had my Eclipse on my desk at work and in my home and haven’t managed to scratch it yet. It even survived a 400 mile trip half full with fish in the back of a UHaul without incident. (Hmm, I wonder if this negates my warranty.)
Eclipse 2 (PFE-2) Lighting and Filtration Aquarium Hood System
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The Eclipse Smart LED system is a well-built and feature-rich LED aquarium light we saw here at MACNA. The Michigan-based company is here showing off three different LED systems for a variety of applications and budgets but it was the Eclipse Smart fixture that caught our eye. Four colors of Cree XP-E and Cree XP-G LEDs (cool white, royal blue, red and green), wireless control, and a mobile application to control it all make it one fixture to take a closer look at. Available in lengths ranging from 12 in. to 6 ft, the Eclipse Smart features manual controls via membrane switches (one for each channel) in addition to the wireless control via the app. The Eclipse Smart is priced starting from $499 for the 12 in. version. Eclipse System filtration, lighting, and easy maintenance make this a perfect starter aquarium kit.
Photo provided by FlickrEclipse 1 (PFE1) Lighting and Filtration Aquarium Hood System
Photo provided by FlickrEclipse 3 Lighting and Filtration Aquarium Hood System
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18 Gallon Tall Eclipse 1 Aquarium Cobalt Blue 20x10x20 No Light, Sea Clear -- Sea Clear 18 Tall Eclipse aquarium with Cobalt Blue back, 20x10x20 and no light fixture included. Free shipping to 48 States All Sea Clear aquariums are high quality, hand made in North America. All aquariums feature rounded front panel corners except on aquariums when the total length of the front panel plus the sides is greater than 96 inches.Easy to install, easy to operate, the Eclipse System provides unlimited, unhindered access to the entire aquarium. Hinged light housing filtration access panel open and close independently for maximum convenience... nothing to remove! The Eclipse easily accommodates accessories such as heaters and airline tubing and because all filtration media is the top mounted unit, the Eclipse has minimal rear space requirements for against-the-wall placement.Unique combinations of beauty, precision and 3-stage BIO-Wheel filtration efficiency, the Eclipse® Aquarium Systems are fascinating showpieces for home or office or anywhere. Each system includes color-enhancing fluorescent lighting and a seamless, injection-molded aquarium with 360 degrees of gently curved, panoramic viewing area. Each kit includes Marineland Labs' BIO-Blend™ Tropical Fish Food, BIO-Safe™ Tap Water Conditioner, and BIO-Coat™ Stress Defense. There's an informative beginners fishkeeping guide, too. And the new System Twelve Kit features an added plus...special compact fluorescent lighting that is 15% brighter than conventional tubing, yet consumes less energy. Eclipse Aquarium Systems easily accommodate accessories such as heaters and airline tubing. There are no hoses, no cumbersome filter boxes, no noisy air pumps. And because the Eclipse Rite-Size Filter Cartridge is inside the top mounted frame, rear space requirements are minimal.This item is from the Marineland Eclipse 6 Aquarium, #PFEC06, and might be useful for anyone needing either a replacement for their aquarium, or for DIYers who need a flourescent light for some project.

Includes both bulb and ballast.

Why are our prices so low for these aquarium components? Puget Systems is not normally a supplier of aquarium products, but we've developed a large cache of aquarium parts due to the sale of our .

When we receive the aquariums for our kits, we get everything that normally comes with the aquariums. This includes pumps, bio-wheels, light modules, filter cartridges and more. We remove all of these components from the aquarium as they are unnecessary for our aquarium kits.

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