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Whoa now you guys. It is not whole chain stores that are corrupt at all, each individual store is different because of the employees and the employers. I don't know about Walmart, but both Petsmart AND petco hire people of at least 18 years of age, so no one is hiring kids, or at least more than the other. They both go thru training, but its really up to the hired employees to retain information and learn on their own since there is so much information to know. Walmart's the exact same. The whole chain is not corrupt (at least with caring for their fish, heh), its who its the individual employees that take care of the fish and give advice. Small specialty fish stores are generally better, but sometimes not even so. It STILL relies on the individual employees. I've been to multiple petsmarts, petcos, walmarts, and small specialty stores around here and actually all are poor quality. On the contrary, many others find great stores. I guess I'll keep looking. Quit bashing chains though. It does no use but get forums in trouble. If you are upset with how fish are being treated or mislead advice, talk with the manager as many times as you need to get the store to shape up.
Does Petsmart take/buy fish?
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I can most certainly understand your concerns, my boyfriend works at Petsmart. However, Petsmart does not sell feeder mice, they sell them frozen, which I think is a way more humane way to get snakes their food. My boyfriend is the best salesman on the floor, even the managers ask him questions about pets. He takes time with every customer making sure they know everything about the animal being purchased and makes sure the pet is going to a proper home. Petsmart does sell feeder goldfish, so he does hate that part. I wish there was something to be done. What I do like about Petsmart however is their cages and tanks are always very clean- whereas Petco I always find them to be in much lower condition 🙁 Does Petsmart take/buy fish? | Yahoo Answers
Photo provided by FlickrPetsmart does not take fish or snails or shrimp other than returns from a purchase
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