you can buy them for decorating the fish tank.

Cichlid Stone Ceramic Aquarium Fish Tank Rock Cave Decoration For Fish Hiding
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Instead of throwing away old aquarium decorations, give them a paint job to spruce up the aesthetics of your tank. It is important to select nontoxic paints that are safe for aquarium use, as some paints can harm your fish and the other inhabitants of your tank. By harnessing your creativity, you can create a one-of-a-kind tank that will become the focal point of the room.
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Action figures lying around collecting dust? Getting buried? Well, here is your instant fish tank decoration with bonus anti-dusting display needs! No need for an air tight case to prevent dust. Just drop it in the fish tank! Snails and shrimp will keep them clean and shiny! China Excavator Shaped Resin Aquarium Ornaments For Cool Fish Tank Decorations…
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Next to deciding on the types of fish and other aquatic life to put into your tank, deciding how to decorate an aquarium can be just as exciting. There is a wide variety of decorative accessories available, including lighting options, rocks, corals, shells, driftwood, ornaments and live and artificial plants to fit every taste. Whether you want to put a shipwreck scene at the bottom of your tank, or pick a color scheme to match your fish, what you are looking for is on the market. However, some water dwellers do best with specific conditions in an aquarium, such as bright lighting or rocks for hiding. Others will actually move your carefully-thought out decor. Therefore, when learning how to decorate an aquarium, you must consider the types of aquatic life that you plan to have in addition to your decorating style.First, your fish tank will look better if it is nicely decorated. Awell decorated aquarium can be a very nice accent to almost any roomin your home or business. The decorations make the tank more appealingand help the tank work with the other decor in the room. Nicedecorating, or aquascaping, can make the tank much more attractive andappealing in itself, and can also enhance the soothing effects thataquariums are known for. Decorations create the atmosphere your fishlive in and you look at.Watch more How to Take Care of an Aquarium videos:

To pick aquarium decorations, I recommend you go to a local store and get the advice from somebody who works there. There are a lot of beautiful decorations that you can pick for your tank and there's also a lot of things that can be potentially be dangerous for your tank. What I do recommend or actually don't recommend is that you find rocks, stones and pieces of wood from outside, that look great, that you want to put in your tank or lets say you go to the beach and you grab some coral or bottles. Some of those things can leach chemicals, stuff that can hurt your tank, that can throw the pH off in your aquarium. So you really want to stick with aquarium decorations that are suitable for your aquarium. The best place to get that, is at your local fish store or online.

Once you've got a selection in front of you, you want to choose from plants, rocks. Things that are inert and won't react with the water, unless it is your goal to have the decorations help buffer the water chemistry. In certain situations, like for African cichlids, people buy decorations that purposely release carbonates into the water to help buffer the pH of the water. In general, you want to pick decorations that are neutral. Plastic plants work great. You buy them with the little plastic anchors that you can fill with gravel. That will help keep them weighted down. Some fish like to kick up the plants and redo the tank decorations on their own. So you'll find that the heavier the decorations the better.

And just build some caves. You want have a lot of water flow going in and out of the rocks and the decorations so that a lot of the waste can get carried through the water column and get picked up by the filtration. The fish also need places to hide and they're very territorial. So the more decorations you have in the tank, within reason, the happier the fish will be. A very sparsely decorated tank will result in some fish feeling very territorial and chasing the other tank mates and keeping them up in a corner.For most fish, 50-75% cover is appropriate. This means that a lotof your tank will be taken up with decorating material. However, thisalso means that your fish feel that they have never really left theirsanctuary, and if the decorations are properly arranged, you willprobably be able to better observe even the shiest specimens in youraquarium. Remember, only edges and fringe areas provide good cover;putting a big rock in the tank may fill half of it, but it providesvery little cover.