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Aquarium Nano Cube Marine Fish Tank -
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This is how our marine fishtank, a nano cube, looks after a good 4 weeks.
Great to see all the life in it! There's live rock, two clownfish, an azure damsel , 6 hermit crabs, 4 turbo snails and some corals. Some of the corals we have are a Leather coral, a Star polyp coral, a Red mushroom, a Green mushroom, and a couple we are unsure of.
Innovative Marine 10 Gallon NUVO Fusion Nano Aquarium
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this is fish_newbie but i had to re register because it wouldnt let me log on. so get ride of the mandrain and everythign else is ok then. I got a florida as the substrate and my friend that works at the pet store got me water from a cycled tank and its been set up for a month with daily doses of cycle. The pet store manager siad the the cucumber would eat marine snow. oh and by the way its a 12 gallon cube. also i got a scotter bleney friday. well thanks for the help. JBJ Aquarium Stand for 30 Gallon RL Nano Cube and 20 Gallon Frag Tank.
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Photo provided by FlickrThis article will show you how we set up our 28 Gallon JBJ Nanocube
Photo provided by Flickr