Coralife biocube 16 gallon aquarium

Coralife 29 Gallon BioCube Aquarium Information
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The Coralife BioCube Aquarium Filter Protein Skimmer fits into the built-in filtration system of Coralife’s BioCube 14 and 29 aquariums. Setup is simple, and this skimmer kit includes a heavy-duty air pump, an airflow valve, tubing and suction cups for secure installation. It operates quietly and efficiently removes harmful organic waste from saltwater aquariums. This protein skimmer will make an essential addition to your BioCube because it helps raise oxygen levels and lower nitrate levels for a healthier aquarium.
Durable aquarium stand for Coralife BioCube Aquarium Systems
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What better way to showcase your prized aquatic habitat than on a pedestal stand designed to complement the Coralie LED BioCube aquariums. Tinted acrylic panels and slim black handles. Shelf for convenient storage of tools, equipment and food. Sturdy feet to keep base elevated. Cut-out holes in the back for routing of electrical cords. Easy to set up and made of water-resistant materials. Coralife 29 Gallon BioCube Aquarium Information
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So, I went to several fish stores and looked around online and I discovered these “nanocube” systems from a variety of manufacturers that are right in line with what I was looking for. The primary target for these nanocube products is for people who would like small saltwater or marine reef systems, but they will work perfectly for freshwater, as well. Most of them include all the necessary lighting and cooling and a full 3 stage sump system. The system I ended up selecting is the CoraLife BioCube 14. It was previously branded by Oceanic, which, if you aren’t aware, was THE brand name in the custom glass and acrylic aquarium industry. It was the benchmark that all aquariums were measured against. Sadly, the Oceanic brand has all but disappeared now, due to corporate changes the parent company decided to make. Many, if not all, of the expert tank builders that used to work for Oceanic, here in Dallas, went out on their own and formed Deep Sea Aquatics (DSA) which has been successfully earning the old reputation that Oceanic had. If I had unlimited funding, I’d have them build a custom bowfront tank for me, similar to the to fit between my bookshelves in my den. A geek can dream, can’t he?Coralife Biocube is an awesome fish tank to experiment with if you lack prior acquaintance with reef tanks. Equipped with excellent decor, minimalist design and enviable features, Coralife has once again proved its mettle. Even though the product costs slightly higher than most of the run-of-the-mill aquariums you’ll find in the market, but that has hardly ever affected the market value of Biocube fish tanks.A true-blue aquarium-hobbyist never gets enough of the serenity lingering thousands kilometer beneath the substrata on which we live. Coralife Biocube is a complete aquarium package, suitable for both saline and freshwater marine creatures. This fish tank, braided with manifold advanced features and a sleek design, is a great tank to begin with your venture into the pristine world of nano-reef tanks. Biocube tanks are way different from that fail to take the extreme load of live rock and sand. Studded with bright white and lunar blue LEDs, Coralife Biocube beautifully captures and encapsulates coral reef system in a miniature form.Now I have allergies and can’t really have any of the furry, four-legged pets in the house so I decided to get myself an aquarium instead. I have some nice free space and decided to fill it with a 29 gallon aquarium. What I ended up buying was the Coralife BioCube 29 gallon aquarium.