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How many small gold fish can I fit in my cold water 19 litre fish tank
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Anesthetizing: Chemical anesthesia may be suitable for many studies. Here we have demonstrated cold water anesthesia as an alternative, because many anesthetics (including tricaine/MS-222 (Brown, 1993)), raise blood glucose. In previous studies, we have determined that cold water does not raise blood glucose in zebrafish (Eames et al., 2010). For cold water anesthesia, the temperature should be decreased slowly. The rate of decrease seems to depend on the size of the fish, with smaller fish going under faster than larger fish. Following injection, you may observe that the fish is recovering too slowly from the anesthetic (see below). This can result when either the starting temperature is too low, or when the temperature is decreased too rapidly. The starting temperature is too low if the fish bends laterally upon entering the water. If the starting temperature is correct, the fish will maintain its balance initially. It will rotate its pectoral fins to a horizontal position, gasp, and have rapid operculum movements. Typically, it will swim. As temperature decreases, movements will decrease and the fish will lose equilibrium. A surgical plane of anesthesia is reached when the fish can be handled without reacting. To maintain the fish under surgical anesthesia, your fingers must be cold, so keep them in the water prior to handling the fish. The sponge must also be kept cold at the same temperature as the water used for anesthetizing the fish. It is important to saturate the sponge with water that is sufficiently cold to maintain anesthesia once the fish is placed onto it.
Different varieties of cold water fish range in size from small, young goldfish to giant koi
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I would think that you'd do better with small coldwater fish ie white cloud mountain minnows although I do think your tank is rather small for them even because they should be kept in schools of at least 6. Unfortuneatly you may find that you've paid a hell of a lot of money for a tank that is useless. A better idea would have been to get one secondhand but larger. Hi all :) I am looking for small fish which can/prefer cold water(down to 40F)
Photo provided by FlickrI think tropical fishes would be hardier than the coldwater variety in a small tank.
Photo provided by FlickrFor smaller cold water fish like white cloud mountain minnows and others it may not be necessary to have a bubbler for additional oxygen though it cannot hurt.
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Kevin Abercrombie, Rochester, NY, August 10, 2010
Good morrow! Long time fan, first time emailer, I've been visiting your webpage for quite some time. I've learned a great deal about fish for my aquarium from your website, I owe a great deal of my healthiest and happiest fish to you guys however, I have seen nothing about the most daunting task for a large population of the United states, how to keep to keep a tank cool? I only have a small 10 gallon tank with a sweaty pumpkinseed sunfish that requires colder water, and with the summer months here in Rochester, New York (yes, it does get mighty hot up here, 85 degrees is the average this month) the lid leaving, fan evapo, ice cube dunk tank method is not quite cutting it in my tank. Can you please add an expert's guide to cooling an aquarium on your website it would be more than greatly appreciated.
Your #1 Fish FanThe mosquitofish would never be called a flashy fish, but it does have its own unique charms. While it is mainly used to control mosquitos in smaller ponds, they make an interesting addition in their right. The males takes on a brilliant red hue when they are read to mate, and they are one of the only livebearer fish that can survive in cold water.If you have decided that you are going to start with the small freshwater fish tank, you also need to decide whether it is going to be a heated fish tank or the cold water tank. Deciding on the type of tank will determine what kind of fish you can have because each fish has their requirements when it comes to water temperature. Just because they are all fish, it doesn’t mean that they can live in the same water. Some fish are okay with cold water while some can only live in warm water. Make sure to determine this factor before you can choose the right fish for small tanks.Another cold-water fish that makes a good option for small tanks (since they like to live in groups) is the blind cave tetra (also known as the silvery tetra). A rather spooky looking fish, the blind cave tetra does not have eyes and its body is a rather bland color. They do not need supplemental heat or bright lighting, but they do appreciate a small cave to hide in. They also tend to jump when stressed, so will require a screen for the top of the bowl.