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Nov 8, 2015 - Top 3 low maintenance coldwater fish suitable for beginner aquarium enthusiasts
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A third and perhaps most compelling reason isthat a subtropical aquarium can accommodate many popular coldwaterspecies as well. Goldfish, especially fancy varieties, will thrive in alarge subtropical tank, as will weather loaches and most sunfish. Thusa subtropical aquarium can be an ideal choice for the aquarist whoalready has a goldfish that has become a much-loved pet but would liketo add some pretty schooling fish as well for a bit of movement andvariety. Rosy barbs in particular are the right size and temperament toget on with goldfish, and their metallic colours complement those ofgoldfish very nicely.
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Although the nominal temperature range for the species in the wild is 18–22 °C (64–72 °F), it can survive water temperatures down to 5 °C (41 °F). This makes it an ideal fish for keeping in an unheated aquarium in cold climates. In fact, White Clouds are more active and healthier when kept at temperatures lower than those at which most tropical tanks are kept. Water hardness () should be from 5 to 19, and levels should range between 6.0 and 8.0. Also, the aquarium should have a top. White Clouds have been known to jump out on rare occasions. Coldwater Fish Species for Your Freshwater Aquarium - Pinterest
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Photo provided by FlickrMar 14, 2014 - Below is a list of the best freshwater fish for beginners. Browse the best freshwater aquarium fish for your cold water or warm water fish tank.
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Top Tip: Tip: Because of the differences in temperature ranges Coldwater and freshwater fish are not typically mixed. However, many of the Coldwater species listed above, Barbs for example can do very well in both Coldwater and tropical aquariums.Best Cold water & Temperate Freshwater Aquarium Fish

In this video see my list of the best coldwater and temperate fish for an aquarium. There are many species available and it is not limited to just goldfish!




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When it comes to unheated or coldwater aquariums, most aquarists only think of goldfish setups. However, there are actually many options for low-tech tanks that don’t even require a heater. Popular dwarf shrimp like cherry shrimp can actually be kept in unheated aquariums, and the same goes for some popular fish species like .If you’re a beginner to freshwater fish, you might need a little help in choosing fish for your first fish tank. You should only choose fish that can co-exist with one another, as you probably will want to set up a community tank. You should also take into consideration which type of fish tank you are going to want to have (cold water or warm water aquarium fish tank).The prime reason to set up a subtropical aquarium is to keep some very interesting species that are otherwise not long-lived in tropical or coldwater tanks; these include freshwater blennies, hillstream loaches, and dragon gobies. There are also plenty of nice schooling fish, like White Cloud Mountain minnows and ruby barbs, that provide action and color, and for the most part all these fish will get along well together.When starting out your tank, you should choose the type of aquarium you would like to set up first (cold water or warm water). As you keep reading, you will see that some cold water fish can be mixed with some warm water fish, but do not apply this rule to all the fish on this list. Mixing two different types of fish that need different water temperatures can cause your fish to be under a lot of stress. Below, you will see our hand-picked 10 freshwater fish for beginners.