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Clownfish - Designer - SA, SA Snowflake - Special MEDIUM - SALE PRICE!
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First, the current list of prices for "Small" fish. This includes anything / where size wasn't listed (presumed to be small then), anything listed as sm., or anying with a size range of 1-2" (. "Nano" / "Tiny" fish, those starting to show up under 1", are not included in these averages). Since what prices to include is always my descretion when looking at the aggregate list, the "old" averages given for Sept. are based on the same "exclusion" list as the current averages. That should explain any discrepencies between the last time I posted the numbers and those same "numbers" being reposted as the old data. Additionally, some prices may have only gone up or down because of NEW VENDORS showing up on the list. Anyway, here is your Dec 1st 2007 snapshot of online retail prices for "small" specimens of given clownfish species / varieties (Sept 9th price is in pahrenteses).
The Tomato Clownfish are moderate in price and readily available from pet stores, breeders, and online.
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The Sebae Clownfish is relatively rare in pet stores and online. Although they seem plentiful, many companies mislabel the Clark’s Clownfish as a Sebae. if you find a true Sebae they are priced moderately, but the newer “designer” strains will cost more. The Cinnamon Clownfish are moderate in price and readily available from pet stores, breeders, and online.
Photo provided by FlickrThe Cinnamon Clownfish are moderate in price and readily available from pet stores, breeders, and online.
Photo provided by FlickrSea & Reef clownfish, buy 1 at post-MACNA sale price and get 1 for 50% off of that price
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Inland Aquatics sells BREEDING PAIRS of clowns, (at least they did up to a few weeks ago). If you wanted to pick them up in person you could see the pair W/Nest. TROPICORIUM, same. There are also a couple of small time hatcheries that do the same. It may have been a once in a lifetime deal, but L.A. diver's den also was selling retired BREEDING PAIRS of O.R.A. clownfish My Huh? Wasn't directed at you not being able to get breeding pairs. It was directed at the price. Inland Aquatics has their Adult Pairs of ocellaris listed at $99.Well, back when investigating the prices of PNG Maroons I spoke with Dan Navin, head of EcoAquariums PNG. He gave me some great insights. Before we get to that, it bears mentioning that the reality of a THIRD Lightning Maroon Clownfish being caught and exported from PNG is hypothetically plausible. Case in point, collector Steven Paul, who caught the Lightning Maroon I now own, has been attributed as saying “…he knows where more lightnings are, he just hasn’t gotten around to catching more of them for us yet…” at . So it’s certainly POSSIBLE that some other day, some other year, some other lifetime, another wild-caught Lightning Maroon could show up.Over the past few years, most truly NEW and or RARE captive bred clownfish are released into the market at around a $300 to $400 price point. But that’s with a steady supply backing them up. To date, the Lighting Maroon pair has not spawned again (I have not overtly coerced them into it again, preferring to let them come to mating naturally), which leaves me with only a handful of fish to release. So what are they worth?Captive Bred Madagascar Clownfish only became a reality late 2014, with first availability in summer 2015 through private breeder Ross DeAngelis. In the fall of 2015, Sustainable Aquatics introduced their own lines of captive-bred Madagascar Clownfish at a significantly lower price point than the availability through DeAngelis. Looking towards the next generation of breeding, maintaining the much rarer DeAngelis line, and using offspring from Sustainable Aquatic’s production for outcrossing, present a unique opportunity for this species to finally become an aquarium staple while also practicing solid genetic maintenance.