Goldfish Tank, Cloudy Water For Over A Month

Cloudy Tank Water = Black Moor Goldfish Eye white and cloudy like
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Temp of water can also affect a bacterial or algae bloom. Are you getting sunlight coming into the tank now that the seasons are changing? I've got a huge algae bloom that began as the sun started hitting my goldfish tank. Fish are fine - can't see them until I do a water change. The heat from the sun additional to the heater (these are fancy goldfish that are set up on an enclosed, but non-heated porch so heat is necessary, plus fancy goldfish prefer warmer water as opposed to their cousins the plain hardy coldwater goldfish, comets and koi) is probably contributing to the algae bloom so I'll be disconnecting that now that the air temp is high enough to keep the tank water warm enough without supplemental heat.
goldfish and one algae eater in a fifty five gallon tank and its so cloudy I need help.
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If your tank continues to become cloudy, try adding some aquarium salt (see label for dosing directions), water conditioners or an anti-algae product on a regular basis. Be careful not to overfeed your fish; remove any uneaten food after 10 minutes. Keep your tank out of the sun and perform routine water changes. With regular maintenance and vigilance, you should be able to enjoy your goldfish tank without the hassle of dealing with cloudy water. The most common causes of cloudy water that doesn't clear up quickly in a goldfish tank are ..
Photo provided by FlickrThe only one we are having algae and cloudy water in is the goldfish tank that is ..
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danilhastings asked:

i bought the tank last week and the first few days it was crystal clear now its very cloudy. im not sure how big the tank is but i bought the tank and got 7 fish so im sure its not over populated or the person at the pet shop would have said something. im not sure what type of fish they are either but they are white and black and pretty small (like 1 inch long)
at first i thought it was the filter because when i poke the rocks with the net bits of food and poop come out of it. i went back to the pet shop and the girl said that the filter is fine but i might be overfeeding. she said to empty a quarter of the tanks water every 2 days and replace it with clean water.
i went home emptied the tank and put new water in and fed the fish less but it got cloudy even when i changed the water every 2 days and its still very coudy whats wrong??
the water also gets hot sometimes. if i open the top to feed them and i can feel heat coming from the water. i dont put the light on during the day and the weather is always cold.
the fish are like some of the fancy goldfish but
some are black and some are white and there is 1 that is bron and gold (proper gold like a ring not orange)This video is the week 1 update on the 75 gallon goldfish tank. We are having a small amount of ammonia and nitrite. Already have some nitrate present so the established media is working at least a little bit. The water is extremely cloudy. I believe it is a bacteria bloom. Not much you can do about it. I am holding off on doing anything with the aquascape until after the tank is cycled. As always ladies and gentlemen thank you for watching.Stop the Feeding Frenzy!
If you're a new goldfish owner, you may be overzealous feeder. Excess, uneaten food can cloud the tank as well as provide fodder for bacteria. Also, goldfish don't have stomachs, so the food they eat passes through them very quickly! With this in mind, it's generally recommended that you feed your goldfish a few small meals per day, rather than dumping in a lot of food at one time.If your goldfish have been breeding and the population has outgrown your existing tank, get a second tank or upgrade to a larger one to better accommodate your pets. Meanwhile, resist the urge to overfeed your fish, which clouds water, clogs filters and creates odors, not to mention is unhealthy for your fish. Follow the flake food manufacturer’s recommended goldfish serving sizes. Remove uneaten food after about 10 minutes.