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These are sometimes unnecessary in warm houses, but they’re cheap so you might buy one anyway and set it at 74 Fahrenheit. Temperatures near 80F are too hot for plants, and should be avoided unless the fish cannot acclimate to lower temperatures. In colder climates and in cold rooms (below 70F) they are absolutely necessary. Larger tanks (> 55 gallons) can stand nighttime dips into the 60’s because they lose their heat more slowly, but a 10 gallon tank would need a heater in the same situation for most tropical plants.
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I think a novice can handle live plants. As long as they do their research their fine. My first fish tank was a 20 gallon reef tank. If a beginner like I was can keep corals alive and keep up with their demand, the beginner can keep plants. Plants are way easier then coral. And fake plants do not look the same as live, same with corals. I love my live plants and corals. And, unlike coral in the aquarium, plants actually benefit your fish and are fairly cheap. 38 items - Find cheap plastic aquatic fish tank plants for free shipping, worldwide delivery.
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Try to avoid using incandescent light bulbs. Unfortunately some of the cheaper, branded aquaria come with these fitted as standard in order to keep costs down. They are of little to no use with many plant species as they simply do not emit the correct type of light needed by your plants. If possible, replace them with a fluorescent aquarium bulb. Your local fish shop where you purchased the tank from should be able to advise you on this. As fluorescent bulbs are cheaper to run than incandescent bulbs, you should save money in the long run.In all my research of fish keeping and the types of plants to have, not one of the websites said to have fake plants. I suppose that is because I was looking at websites that promoted planted tanks, but I feel that this is the only way that the fish will be truly happy, as it mimics their natural environment. I feel that fake plants cheapen the look of the tank, and do nothing to aid the health and happiness of the fish.Aquarium lights can be one of the most expensive elements of the planted tank. If you want cheap lights, you can build your own.


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DIY Cheap aquarium lighting. This is how I built a florescent canopy for my planted tank. The special clips and the ballast were pretty cheap. This was the first really badass lighting system that I built, and I used it for a very long time. I was able to cram a bunch of lights with this kinda setup. Here is a related video on building your own canopy for your fishtank:

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