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Before you Buy Discus Fish – Third Tip – Purchase an Adult or Juvenile
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See the on the forum for more details on keeping Discus. While on the forum check out the buy and sell board to see if there is any discus fish for sale if interested.
Before you Buy Discus Fish – Fifth Tip – Health Beyond the Surface Of a Fish
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3, the last way to get a breeding pair of discus is to buy two or three young adult discus at around 5in size. At this size there may be some signs of what sex the fish is and if you get three your chances of getting a pair can be good. Buy discus fish in perth, cheap discus fish for sale
Photo provided by Flickrdiscus fish online, buy discus fish online, discus freshwater fish
Photo provided by FlickrFind out more information on where to buy discus fish from. Get the Ultimate Guide on Discus Fish Care
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We usually don't recommend that hobbyists buy mated pairs. If the pair of discus was really good, why would the breeder be selling it? You usually don't sell the golden goose. Plus, it is very hard to tell how old the fish are when you buy them as adults. You might be buying a mated pair that's way past their prime. They could be 3 years or older and their best breeding days are behind them. Finally, just because a discus pair breeds for their current owner, doesn't mean it will breed for you. Your water parameters, food and environment will be different than the seller's. The fish might never breed for you, even if they were a true mated pair. It's always a gamble buying a mated discus breeding pair and most of the time it is not a good investment. Visitors are always welcome to see our discus fish hatchery. All you have to do to visit our hatchery, full of beautiful discus in many strains and sizes, is to make an appointment by calling or emailing us. People can visit all 7 days of the week, including holidays. Visiting hours are between 10am-12pm & 12:30pm-5pm. You must have an appointment to visit. Bring plenty of cash or a good Visa/Mastercard if you think you might be buying some discus. We have no minimum order when you purchase fish at our hatchery. So if you're interested in high quality discus and are traveling near the Baltimore/Washington area, contact us to make an appointment to see North America's largest discus hatchery. You'll be glad you did!
I hope this quick guide to 'Buying The Correct Discus Tropical Fish'written here will encourage many more Tropical Fish Hobbyists andRetail Aquarists consider acquiring the Discus Fish (symphysodon) forthey are truly magnificent creatures and then perhaps many more willtake up the hobby and pastime that can be so rewarding.
Here at Kenny's Discus we strive to provide you with the best Discus buying experience we can. We select only the highest quality Discus from our overseas breeders and exporters to bring to Market here in the USA and Canada. Our fish are healthy, happy , and acclimated in our tanks for easy transferral to your tanks. Obtaining the best Discus Stock has never been easier. So if you are a breeder looking for new and exciting strains to work with or a hobbyist building a collection.... we can help.
The best age of Discus Fish to buy are when they are juveniles between12 to 16 weeks of age. Normally it is advisable to buy at least 6 to 8so the species are secure in numbers. Preferably from a local fishbreeder with a good reputation for then the water in the region will besimilar to yours. Thus making the acclimatization process far easierand least stressful to your new young charges.
If you plan on breeding Discus, the easiest method of obtaining a pair is to buy at least half a dozen young or juvenile fishes and let them grow up together. If you get 8-10 fishes, you will normally get at least two pairs. If you eventually find it hard to house all these big adult fishes, you can always sell the superfluous ones as soon as a pair has raised their first batch of fry and proven to be of good quality.