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Here is a little info that I havnt been sharing. This pond I am building is in my mother's back yard lol. Yes I still live with my mom! I will graduate with a degree in civil engineering in 2 or so year so I plan on moving out in about 2-3 years. That is when I will undergo a very large pond construction, a 1000 gallon reef tank construction, and a backyard for my tortoises haha. Anyways the point I am getting at is it wont be difficult to rehome fish, I will only take my favorite out of my mom's pond and then start collection NICE koi from there. One reason I wanted to get at least more than a couple koi is I am a little low on funds so buying larger koi will get expensive. Also like I said before I am not setup or ready for any type of quarantine (YET) I have no place at all for this.
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My main question is does anyone know the best place to buy koi near Dallas? Ebay have good quality? I dont really live in dallas but rather 2 hours SE of Dallas in a city called Tyler. There is a koi place here in Tyler but havnt been by to see their quality. I dont know much about koi at all really so any advice would be great. I am very experienced with saltwater fish but I am not sure any of the knowledge will come in handy. Buy Live Koi Fish in Long Island, New York. Our Koi are bred in Japan, raised on our family farm, and then brought to Long Island, New York for you to purchase.
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Buying Koi on the internet is actually very convenient for people who live in areas of the country that don't have Koi dealers. That's really the only way a lot of people can buy their fish.Probably one of the more effective ways to lower your risk when purchasing koi or goldfish for your pond, would be to purchase directly from a breeder. If you do not have access to a breeder locally there are many breeders that can be found online who will ship their livestock directly to your door. Buying directly from a breeder reduces the amount of “hands” your new fish has to pass through before getting to your pond. Each “hand” that fish goes through increases risk, stress, and exposure to other fish.