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Buy Live Betta Fish for Sale! Shop AquariumFishSale for the best prices on beautiful live Betta fish. From Half Moon to Crowntail, these Betta fish are a great
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I am thinking about buying 2-3 ghost shrimp for my 5gal tank. There is only one Betta fish in it, so I want to try some other type of live animal. I find Ghost shrimp to be fun to watch, and intereting to learn about. I am thankful for how cheap they cost, at about Now, don’t get overwhelmed by this fact, as once you buy a betta fish for your aquarium and give proper environment, everything will come under control. But always make sure that you are buying healthy aquatic lives only to keep them in your tank as unhealthy fishes will not survive even after a good care..39, so that I am not making a huge investment if something was to happen (which hopefully won't). I first have to get some live Anubias plants for my tank beforehand, just because they like places to hide and I only have one silk plant in the tank. I am probably going to get the ghosties in a few months - but I am still very excited! I also look forward to getting a male and female ghost shrimp so that I can breed them (for free) and get some more ghosties. Excited! :) Buy Live Betta Fish for Sale
Photo provided by FlickrPerfect for the low maintenance aquarist, or even an office space, a betta fish is generally easy to care for. Buy live betta fish for sale today at Petco.
Photo provided by FlickrBuy Live Betta Fish for Sale! Shop AquariumFishSale for the best prices on beautiful live Betta fish. From Half Moon to Crowntail, these Betta fish are a great.
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is one of the most popular methods for buying bettas online. Aquabid is an online auction site, very much like Ebay, that deals strictly in live fish and aquaria. Their betta pages are extensive and some of the world’s most accomplished breeders sell their fish there. Just about any kind of betta fish you can think of can be found on Aquabid and it is a great resource for learning what new strains are being developed. Just today I found a Red Dragon Platinum Halfmoon Plakat and a Mustard Gold Salamander Butterfly Super Delta – I don’t even know what all that means but it sounds beautiful! Most Aquabid bettas are sold for about $20 U.S. dollars. This is a great resource for breeders as well as many sellers offer breeding pairs or entire lots of bettas for very reasonable prices.The best solution is to let fish live in peace in their wild homes and never to buy betta fish or support pet stores that sell them. If you already have fish, .Ordering fish online is easy and allows you access to an incredible assortment of betta fish. Even rare or unusual breeds can be purchased and shipped worldwide in a short time. Mail order bettas, though more expensive than the big box store bettas, are often still quite reasonably priced and don’t necessarily cost any more than private pet store betta. If you are looking for something specific and want to know the history (birthday, genealogy, etc) of your fish buy direct from the breeder. They are often healthier and longer lived than store bought bettas too.Yes! unlike other fishes, betta fish can breathe oxygen directly from air like you. They have a specialized organ “labyrinth” that helps them in breathing. This acts like human lungs. Therefore, your gorgeous betta fish can live without filter, thus costing you less for their maintenance. It is not that you should not have a filter in a betta tank. Like every other aquarium, you can have a filter. However, make sure it does not generate more bubbles. Because these stunning beauties like stable water, they do not enjoy bubbles like other fishes. Moreover, their long, gorgeous tails will trap into the filter leading to dead. So always, remember to buy a gentle for them. If you do not have gentle filter, it is better to leave them without one, than to use your older filters, which in turn becomes a danger to them. requests we don’t buy these fish. I won’t go that far. I am saying don't buy the lie. I am happy to have saved at least one fish from the misery of a lonely life in the pet store. But if we get our act together enough to speak as one voice and ask the pet stores to stop getting them from suppliers who keep them in tiny cups for the convenience of the pet store, maybe we can help them to have better Betta lives.Tank mates really does depend on the fish. I had one that we put in a 50 gallon with all the guppies and mollies when I was younger and he left them alone. I also had a Betta that would only live peacefully with a sword plant and a snail (That crawled out of the tank, my Betta died a few days later because it was too hot and my mother was overfeeding him while I was working at camp.) His replacement was a WalMart Betta and lasted like 6 months. This newest is from Meijer, and I'm not holding my breath... He's doing really well so far... But I'm also getting really picky about where I buy fish from. (Petsmart has given my tanks and friends tanks ich before... Walmart is a no out of their live tanks period... Meijer is iffy...) Basically find your local petshop... and if they breed their own fish (Like Preuss in Lansing MI), then the fish are generally really well cared for and will thrive for a long time.