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Brett is close with quality fish he is in Danbury Tx Brett really isn't very close to Tyler....(5-6 hour drive) If you are not as concerned about quality but want a pretty good selection, you might try Creative Watergardens in Garland. They have the largest selection in DFW I have seen and is where I bought several koi before I started looking for more quality. If you are just getting into the hobby, I wouldn't recommend buying higher quality koi anyway. I would suggest just buying some koi that you think will give you enjoyment watching them in your pond. After a year or so, when you start feeling more comfortable, you might want to start looking at online retailers or attending the Spring koi sale that the Texas Koi and Goldfish Society Hosts each year outside of San Antonio.
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If you want to buy just regular kois any pet shop or local tropical fish store will carry them for you. Check with Lonestar Koi Club in Houston they occationally have members selling some of their kois. You just missed a good koi sale in Dallas, but wait next month and come to San Antonio koi show where there are always kois to be auctioned off. There is also a local part time breeder in Houston that always have koi for sale. Good Luck.. Live Koi Fish | Buy Koi Fish Online | The Pond Guy
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Buying Koi on the internet is actually very convenient for people who live in areas of the country that don't have Koi dealers. That's really the only way a lot of people can buy their fish.Just as with any other pedigree pet such as cats and dogs, koi are often bred from specific bloodlines. Desirable bloodlines that include show winners and excellent specimens will be among the most expensive fish to buy, regardless of age and size.The dealer you are buying your Koi from should have a clean facility.
A dealer can have a much higher stocking density than a hobbyist since
the he holds Koi won't be there for an extended period of time.
The tanks that house the Koi should not be over stocked and the should
either be placed a few feet apart or they should have a barrier in
between. If your dealer has a shipment that is under quarantine,
you don't want to purchase a Koi from a tank that is potentially
comprimised. The water the fish are in should be clean with
adequate filtration to support a heavy fish load.It is a big world out there in terms of online shopping & buying. So many options, and there a lot of online places that now sell Koi and Goldfish. Which one should you choose?Of course we hope that is your first choice when it comes to . But, if not, then make sure that you trust the seller. You want to be assured that the fish you are buying are coming from healthy stock. When buying Koi you need to be confident that you are buying healthy and well cared for Koi. If you are in doubt, ask questions. What is their ? What is their ? Most dealers are very honorable, have healthy fish and will back their fish. Also, the pictures that you see on the website's are usually a good representation of the actual fish. Where you buy koi carp will depend on what you ultimately want to achieve. If you simply want to keep healthy koi and are not overly concerned about the type, age or size of the fish, and are happy to begin with young fish that you can watch grow, you will have a wide range of options available to you.