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Disney, Pixar’s parent company, and animal rights groups such as the Humane Society and For the Fishes are seizing on the film to try to educate people about how to responsibly buy pet fish. Unlike clownfish, blue tangs cannot be bred in captivity and are exclusively taken from the wild.
World Wide Fish and Pets strives to be a place when buying tropical fish online feels no different, than visiting your local fish store.
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With thousands of tropical fish species available, it can be hard to decide which type to buy. Before choosing a particular habitat to focus on, buyers should peruse all their options. Fancy ,, which fall into the freshwater category, are among the most recognizable aquarium pets. The most famous species of freshwater fish are known as Siamese Fighting Fish. Unlike other species, these hardy and highly territorial fish can survive in a small fish bowl, making them a popular choice for first-time buyers. Additional freshwater tropical species include Tetras, Cichlids, Koi, and .. I've always tried to steer clear of buying my fish at large chain pet stores.
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Before buying Guppies or any other Livebearer fish there are various factors that you should consider. Such as where to buy the fish? Is it safe to buy online? And what are some of the things to watch out for when buying the fish to make sure that you’re buying a healthy fish. Guppies and other Livebearer fish can be bought from breeders, pets stores, or online.Before buying Guppies or any Livebearer fishes, you should examine it closely. Select fish that are lively and active – they shouldn’t be floating at the surface or hanging around at the bottom of the tank (unless of course it’s a fish that likes to swim in the bottom of the tank like a Cory Catfish). If possible, visit the store while the fish are being fed to see which fish have a healthy appetite.Buying Guppies and other fishes from a local fish pet shop is the most common way people obtain their aquarium fishes. Most fish pet shop has a large variety of Livebearer fishes in stock since they are one of the most popular types of fish, you should be able to find the common breeds easily.Buying new Aquarium fish? I don't put a new fish in my fish tank without doing these Top 6 Tips for adding new fish to your aquarium

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Buying aquarium fish tips- 6 tips for buying aquarium fish from a pet shop.
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