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Buy a couple of sucker fish, they work better than most tank cleaners. Ive got two and they cleaned the glass after a couple of days but also get them some of their own food for when there’s not enough algae after cleaning the tank. Just get a small tank cleaner for areas that the sucker fish might not clean. There are some nice ones in a pet shop of a shark or gold fish. I got the shark one as its not too distracting and doesn’t frighten the fish.
I am looking for a two gallons filtered fish tank for a beta fish , which is the best and were can I buy it?
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There are a lot of options when it comes to tank filtration. The purpose of filtration is to keep toxins from building up in the aquarium and to oxygenate the water by keeping it moving. I'm going to talk about three kinds: biological, mechanical and chemical.

Biological filtration: This is by far the most important kind. Your biological filtration will consist of sponges either by themselves or as part of another filtration system. A tank must have this kind of filtration. Biological filtration is a colony of bacteria that live in the sponge. They turn the ammonia that happens because of fish by-product and decomposition into nitrites and then eventually into nitrates which are then removed by water changes. Ammonia is extremely toxic to fish and without this kind of filtration, fish would die quickly.

Mechanical filtration: This is how fish detritus (aka fish poop) and excess food are removed from the tank and into the filter for the bacteria to process. This too will often times be a sponge that catches the material from the water flow.

Chemical filtration: Activated carbon (charcoal) is the traditional means of chemical filtration. It removes microscopic organics that biological and mechanical filtration can't; including, perfumes, nicotine, organic compounds, etc. In short, pollutants.

So what to buy? I recommend filters that combine at least two elements, preferably biological and mechanical filtration. They come in many forms - hang on back, submerged, canister, etc. In general, for your first fish tank, I recommend either a hang on back or a submersible. They're easy to clean and set up.

Product Recommendation: For my small tanks less than 20 gallons, I prefer submersible filters like , and . For larger tanks (remember for this guide it means up to 30 gallons), I'd recommend a hang on back filter like . Aquaclear is very commonly used among serious hobbyists. Now that you have your aquarium set up and fully cycled, you will soon be buying freshwater aquarium fish for your home aquarium tank.
Photo provided by Flickrtank clean and prepare it before you buy new fish for your regular tank.
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But setting up a fish tank is not as simpleas buying a tank and filling it with water and fish. Fish are not “easy”pets to care for. Their water must be kept very clean and often at a certaintemperature, just to keep the fish alive. For example, goldfish are happy in awide range of water temperatures – sometimes downright chilling, but Africanand South American fish come from tropical climates and require constant watertemperatures ranging from 70 to 78 degrees, which is higher than normal roomtemperature.When you buy new fish at your local , they may or may not tell you how to introduce your newfriends to your fish tank. There are several steps that you can taketo help insure your new fish's health and make the transition to thenew fish tank less stressful for your new fish. Fortunately,alleviating - or eliminating - this stress to your new fish when youintroduce him to your fish tank is quite simple.I made this background for my 120 gallon aquarium. It was actually pretty easy to make but it was very time consuming and messy. I'd definitely do it again though! It was a lot cheaper than buying a custom made background and you can make it exactly how you want it. This instructable will walk you through how to make one of these backgrounds. You can adapt this to any size tank. The materials I used are fish safe. ***Note: This is only for FRESHWATER aquarium use!!!goldfish in my opinion! We have one in a two gallon tank for about a year. We top up its water every few days, and a few days before we change the water we pour the water we are going to use in a bowl so it does not enter to much shock to Goldie. It Only costs us about three pound a month to feed, and we buy tank décor for pennies at the market.