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In some cases the style of the body of the fish is indicative of illness. For example being too fat or too skinny, especially in head and forhead area, not having a round or oval shape, any diversions in body, any dumps or holes around the stomach and other abnormalities
indicate a sickness. Do not buy this discus fish.
Buying Discus Fish
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One of the negative aspects of buying fish via the Internet is that you cannot see the fish before you purchase them. You may want to contact the supplier to ask about the fish's description. Additionally, shipping may stress the fish. However, if you give your discus a healthy environment once it comes home to its new tank, it is likely to recover and flourish. Uncle Sam's Discus | Buy Discus Online discus fish for sale online, buy discus fish
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We usually don't recommend that hobbyists buy mated pairs. If the pair of discus was really good, why would the breeder be selling it? You usually don't sell the golden goose. Plus, it is very hard to tell how old the fish are when you buy them as adults. You might be buying a mated pair that's way past their prime. They could be 3 years or older and their best breeding days are behind them. Finally, just because a discus pair breeds for their current owner, doesn't mean it will breed for you. Your water parameters, food and environment will be different than the seller's. The fish might never breed for you, even if they were a true mated pair. It's always a gamble buying a mated discus breeding pair and most of the time it is not a good investment.There are many color varieties of Discus to choose from with many more being introduced all the time. If you are interested in this fish, be prepared to spend some jack on this one of a kind tropical fish. If you're on the market to buy Discus, there are many online websites that specifically sell Discus. Shop around and get recommendations from others for good places to buy them.The best way to go about getting a pair is to purchase 10 juvenile discus, around 3 inches in size. Raise these fish up to adults and watch them as they grow and eventually form bonded pairs. Discus fish at 3 inches in size should be large enough to show you their color, pattern and shape qualities. By not buying adults, you know you won't be purchasing very old fish. This is easily the most economical way of becoming a discus breeder since juveniles cost just a fraction of what quality adults do. We highly recommend this method for all hobbyists since patience is such a big key to successfully breeding discus.The first and most important part of is to choose and select a good and high quality Discus Fish before buying it. If you go the wrong way in selecting discus, you will probably have many problems with discus keeping in all the next steps. There are various factors that you must know to be able to choose and buy the best possible discus fish. so if you want to know how to select the best discus, this is a useful article for you.See the on the forum for more details on keeping Discus. While on the forum check out the buy and sell board to see if there is any discus fish for sale if interested.Discus fish should be active and responsive to your hand movements. Healthy discus fish usually come to the surface to get food in response to getting close to the aquarium or upward motion of your hands. In best situations, the discus fish follows your hand or even goes up and down with your hand. Do not buy a discus fish which is too shy or under too much stress.