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Lastly, you can buy a breeder net. A breeder net is a little square or rectangular frame with netting around the outside. You can put your mamma guppy inside it, but there is no separate compartment for the guppy babies to drop down into, so you need to take the mom out within a few hours of her giving birth to all her fry or she might eat them (See Are Guppy Fish Cannibals?). You can put a breeder net in the same tank with adult guppy fish because the netting is too small for them to get in or out. You also do not need to aerate a breeder net because the tank water can flow through the netting.
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Fish Hatchery Aquarium Fish Tank Breeding Breeder Net Case Hospital Baby Fish Compact design #clothing,#shoes,#jewelry,#women,#men,#hats,#watches,#belts,#fashion,#style An additional advantage of keeping the fish in the net breeders is that you can't accidentally suck them up when siphoning!
Photo provided by FlickrNB-3202A Net Breeder is used to breed fish. Also works well to isolate sick or aggressive fish. Two compartments for two fish.
Photo provided by FlickrThe Aquaculture Green Breeder Fish Net is great for breeding fish and isolating injured or agressive fish. The high quality, non-c
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Also be carefull when she is giving birth, because she can get really stress because of the other fish may surround the net. I ve read that breeder nets are not good because of that (puts the female under stress because of the other fish).This video is about keeping and raising fry in a breeding box or breeding net. It applies for all kinds of fry.
It is not recommended to use those for adult female which is about to give birth, unless it has already started giving birth and it is bothered by other fish.

In this video you can find pros and cons for breeding boxes and breeding netsThe Net Breeder will protect any fish in the net. Some put small fry in the net to keep them from larger fish in the tank. Some use them to isolate a sick fish or one that has been picked on by others. Some people have had bad experiences with breeder boxes and now only use a breeder net. It is also a good idea to purchase some real or plastic Baby Hide Out or Breeding Grass for the top of the aquarium. The breeding grass is just in case the mother gives birth before you have a chance to put her in the breeder box. The fry will instinctively swim to the top of the aquarium and the breeder grass provides a great hiding place so they won't get eaten by the bigger fish in your tank.A more extreme version of guarding is practiced by some Tanganyikancichlids. There, older siblings will stay around the nest and help theparents defend subsequent spawns. The babies are allowed to stay untilbreeding age, when they are driven off. The most common way to keep eggs from being eatenis to use a separate breeding tank. Therethe parents can spawn or give birth to their young, and be removed oncethey are done. Egg scatterers can be placed over a piece of netting, agrate, or a bed of marbles to protect the eggs as the fish spawn. Bubblenest breeders and mouthbrooders can be left in the tank until theystop caring for the young. Livebearers can be allowed to give birth in adense thicket of plants or plastic spawning grass, so the babies can hideuntil the mother is done giving birth and is removed.I've used several brands to hold new born cory fry, I personally like the Lee's Fish Net Breeder the best. It had the finest mesh of the ones that I used.