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For the price, I was honestly surprised by everything that this tank delivers. Within the package, I received the aquarium, filter, hood, water conditioner and even some premium food for my Betta fish. With all of this, you need nothing more to get started. And not to mention bow front fish tanks of around 5 gallons or less size are especially useful for keeping Betta fishes, so this one should be really suitable for that purpose as well.
Vepotek Black Glossy Acrylic Rectangular Bow Fish Tank Kit with Stand and Canopy
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Today's video I am showing you the basics on Miracle's new tank! I got a new tank for her because with the guppies having fry so often, Miracle picks at them a bit, so, I decided on a... NEW TANK! :) The tank is a 2.5 Aqueon Mini Bow. There is no heater in the tank because the water only goes down about 2 degrees at night so it's totally fine!
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Fish4Ever Vepotek Black Glossy Acrylic Rectangular Bow Fish Tank Kit with Stand and Canopy
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The overall design of the bow front tank will allow you to fit a volume-wise larger tank in a relatively smaller space. If you are searching for a fish tank mainly for improving the appearance of your home, look no further than the bow front type.So, we discussed quite a bit about bow front aquariums, various types of them, and various advantages and disadvantages that they possess. Now let’s take a look at some of the best offerings among bow front fish tanks.When viewing the fish directly from the front, it is possible to get a better view of the fish than seeing the fish tank from the sides. So, bow front fish tanks present an obvious advantage in the form of more front surface area than traditional rectangular aquariums. These tanks tend to be just as easy to clean and maintenance. I’ve never had a problem trying to clean the tank and actually feel that it gives the fish more room to retreat to, during the cleaning process. If you’re going with fishes that especially long, I highly recommend a curved front aquarium, as they give the fish more room to roam around.In this video I show you the basics of setting up a fish tank. Here I used the Aqueon bettabow 2.5. Dont forget to cycle your tank :)

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Thank you to everyone. Some aquariphiles will be interested in saving money. There is no better way to do this than by purchasing a bare aquarium, as opposed to purchasing a set. If you’re planning on taking this route, I recommend looking at this Aqueon model, which is 36 gallons unit. This might not be the largest unit around, especially not as large as a 46 gallon or a 72 gallon bow front aquarium, but still the size is decent, especially if this is your first curved glass fish tank.45 gallon bow front fish tank. Comes with so much! Comes with everything you see and more. Has a canister filter and new heater. Has 2 hoods, one plastic and one glass. Complete setup. Needs nothing.