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Bottom feeder for my betta fish tank
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For community tanks, which are what most hobbyists keep or start out with, the basic staple flake fish food is what works best most of the time for most of the fish. It’s a good idea, however, to supplement basic flakes with some different “treats.” These provide nutritional diversity, and are available as flakes, pellets and sticks. In addition, foods can be whole, freeze-dried or frozen. The basic flakes provide the primary diet and the other foods round out the nutritional balance for most community tanks. But there are some specialized foods for different kinds of fish, which include vegetable foods, goldfish foods, carnivore foods (both prepared and live) and bottom-feeder foods.
I have read that there are fish who feed on the bottom of the tank. The problem is that this tank is so small that I don't want to overstock it.
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To make things even better, the Pleco is a true bottom feeder and will eat almost anything it can. They commonly get blamed for killing fish, but the truth is the fish died and sank to the bottom and the Pleco took action on its next food source. They will eat all those uneaten food particles that are bad news for nitrate levels too. They don’t eat poop but really help keep a tank clean. 5 Gal Tank - Bottom feeders? - Betta Fish and Betta Fish Care
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Photo provided by FlickrDoes anyone knows of any bottom feeder fish that would be suitable in a 17g tank
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These bottom feeders are going to eat all of the uneaten food that the other fish leave behind. It’s important to research your tank’s variables before just adding one of these catfish. Another amazing benefit to keeping them in aquariums is they eat all the uneaten fish food that sinks to the bottom. If that fish food were to just sit on the tank bottom.. it would create nitrates and in turn hurt your water parameters.Uneaten food that falls to the bottom of the tank can cause the water to become polluted if left too long, which is where a bottom feeding fish come in handy. These bottom feeders clean up that food and help keep your tank clean.
It’s super easy to forget that bottom feeder is just sleeping somewhere in your tank. I personally go weeks without seeing some of my catfish because they hide all day and only come out at night time. Don’t forget to drop that food in at night when the lights are off. It seems like somewhat of a stupid thing.. but it’s very common to have happen.Watch more How to Take Care of an Aquarium videos:

Bottom eating fish are fish that would be catfish, otocinclus, any fish that scavenges off the bottom. Remember, fish in an aquarium are going to eat everywhere. They're going to go to the top of the tank, the bottom of the tank, they're going to nibble on the decoration. They are even going to try and eat the algae on the glass. In an aquarium, you're going to want a fish that predominantly eat on the bottom. Any fish with the morphology of a down-turned mouth, usually is a fish that would scavenge off the bottom. These fish are critical in an aquarium, because they are going to eat a lot of the leftover food. Now, that doesn't mean that you can overfeed, but you should have fish that scavenge on the bottom. Any of the corridors, catfish, pleckos, otocinclus; those are auto-cleaning fish, but they also scavenge waste and uneaten food off the bottom.

Another beneficial thing to have bottom-eating fish is, when they're going about their business, they are kicking up a lot of the waste that settles on the bottom gravel, and allowing the water column to pick it up, where the filtration can eventually filter it out. Having fish with little feelers on their mouth is great, because they're going to go on the gravel and they're going to free up a lot of the waste.

Food, when you feed an aquarium, that food is really only good for an hour or so. After that, it turns to mush. So, it's not like these fish are going to be eating the food all day and all night, but they are helping to probe the bottom of the tank. You want to keep it visually looking great; you don't want to see all the detritus and waste that settles on the bottom. They're beneficial to the aquarium. Any of the small catfish, pleckos, algae eaters, otocinclus; those are the fish you want to go with. Again, they do contribute to the total fish volume in your aquarium, so if you like those mid-water, beautiful, showy fish, only go with a couple of bottom fish, and make sure they're not catfish that get too big. A lot of catfish get really, really big, so you want to make sure that you don't go with anything with a really big mouth; it's going to eat your other tankmates.