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The biggest challenge is keeping fish with similar water requirements, disposition, feeding needs. Discus have very different needs than guppies. I have German Blue Rams and a Single Gold Ram in a 55 gallon tank with Cardinal, Glowlight, White skirt and Serpae Tetras with no issues. I’m adding Platinum Hatchets after another week of QT. I would never mix GBR’s with Peacock or Flowerhorn Cichlids. Endler’s and Killifish may work. Need to consider the number of fish to make the fish happy as well. Unfortunately there is a lot of bad info out there and I can only speak to my experience. Some fish are just bad actors too. I had a long fin white tetra I got by mistake. I was trying to increase my white skits up to 8 fish and the LFS put one in the bag by mistake. When I added it to my QT tank it went after my new hatchets. I traded him back today for a regular white skirt that is playing nice.
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And then you stumble across Darren Nancarrow (CaptCrash), a hobbyist who manages to spawn, incubate and hatch the Regal Blue Tang, Paracanthurus hepatus, using nothing other than standard hobby equipment. But the most important part – he doesn’t have the 20,000 gallon reef tank of Joe Yaiullo, no sir. His broodstock reside in a community reef tank of approximately 175 gallons (roughly 70″ x 24″ x 24″). And even more surprising, the pair of fish was only together for about 18 months before he had his first reported spawning in May of 2011. Only now has CaptCrash made himself known via his breeding journal on the Marine Breeding Initiative (MBI) website, and the early egg and prolarval photographs being shown are simply amazing. I want a blue tang for a fish tank im bulding they ate cool can I mix them with lion fish
Photo provided by Flickrdurable service Xen-Lux 225 LED 14 Watt LED Aquarium Fish Tank Light White Blue
Photo provided by FlickrXen-Lux 225 LED 14 Watt LED Aquarium Fish Tank Light White Blue hot sale 2017
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If all goes well at the fish store, once you bring them home you'll want to slowly drip acclimate them to your quarantine tank's water. It should go without saying that a quarantine is not optional with this fish. Tangs in general and the Powder Blue Tang especially are susceptible to marine ich, which means that it's a good idea to house your new fish in a quarantine tank for several weeks before introducing them into your display tank. It can be a really good idea to get some cleaner shrimps too. The skunk cleaner shrimp does a good job.This surgeonfish has many different common names including - Pacific Blue Tang, Blue Surgeonfish, Palette Surgeonfish, Regal Tang, Hippo Tang, Flag-Tail Surgeonfish and some others. Hopefully this makes you want to use the scientific name when researching and asking about this fish. They are remarkably colored with black, yellow and blue markings and are sure to bring lots of activity to the right tank.The Pacific Blue Tang is a member of the surgeonfishes and is one of the most active swimmers of the available tangs. They will need at least a 75 gallon tank (284 liters), preferably larger, to allow for adequate swimming space. They can be fairly hardy once acclimated but will not do well in a tank that has not completed the aquarium nitrogen cycle. You will also need highly oxygenated water provided through increased surface agitation (multiple power heads) and/or the heavy use of air stones.The Powder Blue Tang can be a very difficult fish to keep and we strongly urge you to research this fish fully before acquiring one. We would recommend this fish only to advanced saltwater hobbyists with a large tank that is well established and stocked with plenty of live rock, high aeration and high water flows.The Blue Damselfish, also known as the Blue Devil Damselfish, is an extremely popular marine fish because it is readily available and because it is very hardy. Although we don't recommend it, many hobbyists use the Blue Damselfish to cycle new saltwater tanks. There are better, more humane ways to cycle a tank such as using live rock to cycle your saltwater aquarium.As mentioned previously, Blue Damsel fish will develop their own territory in the tank. Having live rock in your aquarium will help make them comfortable and it will provide them with hiding places. You can get away with keeping multiple Blue Damselfish in the same tank if you introduce them at the same time. Because of their "anger management" issues it is a good idea to introduce them last into your setup.