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to be honest there are tons of names for fish but you should really match it up to their personality and color like I did! i named my fish stormy because he likes to storm of a lot here are some other names for betta fish blue jay fire flame finley icey ice sunshine sunny sun speedy cece
Names for my blue betta fish?
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Nifty names, everyone ~
I’m a bit of a nerd, so my names have come from fantasy/sci-fi/video games
Betta fish:
Narciss – named after an airship called the Blue Narciss
Sapphiron – named after a dragon in WoW
African dwarf frogs:
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my dad bought me a Crowntail Betta Fish and im trying to come up with names i havent looked in the thesaurus because i don’t have one…but im thinking of naming him floaty because when he swims it looks like he is floating or majestic because his face is blackish and his body is royal blue? any other ideas?? thank you 🙂I have 3 females and a male betta. Male: blue veiltail named Midnight, females: 1) matching blue veiltail named Luna shy but willing to stand her ground, 2) red veiltail unnamed very friendly, 3) whiteish with 2 black striped down the sides plakat unnamed very docile and loves to be around other fish.
Anyone want to help with the names of my females? 🙂My daughter and I have had many Betta fish over the years. Our first was a blue, green with red veil tail we name King Frank. The second and third were both black crown tails, one with white tips on his tail the other with red and silver along his body and fin base, their names were Cinder Wolf and Dragon (but we almost called Dragon ‘Nazgool’ as he had inky, curling fins and tail that almost looked like those Lord of the Rings characters). The next two we just got, one has a dark red (nearly black) body and deep red fins/tail we are considering scorch for him. The next is a royal blue with purple/pink shimmer I’m thinking of several names: Pharroh, Muse and Jewel. Vastly different names, I have to get to know him first! Love the names I have 2 female Betta fish Ruby who is red and pink also Sapphire who is blue and they are friends because they never fight each other.I had a Blue male Betta named Cobalt and he passed a year ago. We have a new one in our family, also Blue and a male his name is Mingau after a beef jerky that is made in KY where we are from..I know he’s not beef but the name is oriental and these fish are from those parts of the world that are of oriental, Vietnamese descent. My 2 boys are obsessed with Mingau Beef Jerky so the name was really cool for them and easy to remember 🙂wow! so many funky names! ive had a few bettas over the years since my boyfriend and i got together
Aoi=male=of course as someone noted earlier, its japanese for blue! he was the most brilliant blue ever! very shiny and very well mannered!
tenchi=which is japanese for heaven and earth, i found this poor fellow in teh sunday market in a very very small plastic container with low amounts of water, i feel sooo sorry for all the fish there!! i bought him…and because he was mistreated, he is shortsighted and is scared and angered easily, i love him to bits and because of that, his name is tenchi (he mustve survived bad times) and he is my heaven and earth…he is living longer than my other fish! what a true fighter!
sasame=my boyfriend and i love anime (japanese anime) and since we got sasame a short while after tenchi, we named her after a character that liked tenchi in an anime! she was very wild mannered but very lovely to nibble food off ur fingers
and i got two more, yet to be named hence i came across this site for ideas!
thanx its a great site!!
Vanessa from Adelaide, Australia