How to make Bloodworms for fish

ok, so I've heard something about bloodworms being bad for the fish a while back
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Live bloodworms are favored by the fish themselves and will bring out their natural ‘hunting instinct’. When using these, be sure to discard the water they came in and rinse them thoroughly to minimize the chance of disease. To prevent the worms from escaping all over your aquarium, you feed them to your fish using a feeding cone!
You can find live bloodworms for sale in many aquarium stores and possibly also in bait shops. Just be sure to only buy from a source you trust! If you don’t want to buy from a store, raising bloodworms yourself is also an option ().
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In my big (overstocked) tank I break up the whole packet of bloodworms into individual frozen cubes and dump it in the tank. There are 7 Os and the big catfish who gulp most of the cubes, although the SDs and Angel fish do run off with them whole too. They put them in their mouth and what they cant swallow at once comes out their gills and the smaller fish get these thawed ones - works really well for my tank. They eat ALOT though and it costs me too much money. But I find there are huge rewards for this. They get pellets once a week, blood worms 6 days a week. My water is fantastic and my fish are happy and healthy. In this video you will learn how to feed your fish frozen bloodworms Thanks for watching!Have a great day!!
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A Favorite For Freshwater Fish

For All Freshwater Fish

Your discus, eels, bettas, loaches and other community freshwater fish will thrive on this primary food choice. Our bloodworms are collected and packaged daily, so they retain their natural food value. Bloodworms provide essential nutrients that help maintain high energy levels and vigor in your fish.Each time you feed the fish, simply pop out one of the ice-cube shaped pieces of frozen bloodworms, and drop it into the aquarium. It will melt, softening so that the fish can eat the individual worms that make up the cube. If you have a small tank with only one or two small fish, you may want to cut the cube in half. Otherwise, it may be too many worms for your fish to eat at one time. Most aquarists rinse the fresh bloodworms before feeding, and avoid adding the storage water to their aquarium, because of the possibility that they are carrying diseases. In fact, this is a concern when feeding any live food to your fish. Feeding frozen or freeze-dried worms can help to alleviate this concern.Bloodworms are available as fish food in four different varieties. While they’re not the best choice of primary food supply, I’d definitely recommend including them in your feeding schedule because they are rich in iron and great for variety. Fish will often go crazy over them, which is very amusing to watch!It is easy to overfeed your fish when using bloodworms if you assume that the cube size is the appropriate size for your aquarium. The usual rule of only feeding what the fish can eat in 3 minutes may not be appropriate for frozen bloodworms; depending on the temperature of the tank, it may take several minutes just for the worms to thaw so that the fish can eat them, even if your fish begin attacking the cube right away. The first few times you add blood worms to the tank, watch your fish as they eat. If there are many blood worms that fall to the bottom of the tank uneaten, you may want to feed a smaller portion next time.Freeze dried bloodworms are dried and usually come in tubs. They are not as nutritional as live bloodworms or frozen bloodworms, but can still be used to add some variety to the diet of surface feeding fish. To feed freeze dried bloodworms, just soak them in a little bit of water!
You can find freeze dried bloodworms for sale in pet stores, aquarium stores and online. seem to be the most popular brand within the aquarium hobby versus the others.