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Some Blackfish/Tautog Jigs *These prices may vary depending on color and purchase date 1
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Journalists decide what to cover and what issues to play up. The fact that a credible news source, CNN, would purchase Blackfish for a very large sum of money in the millions raises an eyebrow. Product images, including color, may differ from actual product appearance
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Blackfish Children’s Books is a children’s book library, store, and story creation tool. Access all of your books, including both purchases and books you create yourself, in one convenient location. It is the exclusive home to a growing library of free books.Not only that, but the team at Blackfish Marine has been absolutely outstanding about making sure I understand my boat and Northwest boating in general. "These guys don't just sell you a boat, they become your friends in the business." I've purchased "big ticket" items before, but I've never had the kind of service and "after sale" relationship that this team has developed with me. What's even more amazing is that I see them work to develop that kind of relationship with ALL their clients (many of whom have also become my friends). This was my first boat, but certainly not my last. When it comes time to look for my next boat, I know the team at Blackfish Marine will go above and beyond to take care of me!I want to thank you and your staff on my purchase from Blackfish. My wife Susan and myself had been looking for a boat and after an extensive search we short listed the boat to the Wellcraft 30' and Chaparral 30'. This was out first large boat purchase and our requirements was to have as large as boat as possible but still trailer. We were preparing to purchase new but found a used 30' Chaparral with 110 hrs on it at your facility. This was exactly what we were looking for. As this was a trade in and not a normal line you carried, your salesman researched all my outstanding questions without hesitation. He made us feel like family and highlighted several cruises or outings to try.Following a two-week investigation by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Environmental Conservation Officers (ECOs) two individuals were charged in connection with selling 150 blackfish to a Queens-based wholesale food dealer. A third individual is also facing charges for attempting to purchase the fish.