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biorb 4 gallon fish tank | Biorb Fish Tanks  Biorb Life 30  Biorb Life 30 White
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Unlike many other fish tanks on the market today, the Biorb fish tank comes with a complete set up kit. This start up kit contains everything you will need to care for your tropical fish and give them a good home. You will find the necessary lights and filters that you will need to enjoy your fish the very first night you bring them home. In addition, you will find an array of accessories, such as ornaments and plants, to decorate your fish tank.
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BiOrb Classic fish tanks range from 4 gallons to 28 gallons, you will find a size and style that is perfect for your needs. If you are short on space and only have one or two fish, consider a small BiOrb (4 gallons or 8 gallons). On the other hand, if you have a large room and/or more fish, a larger BiOrb (16 gallons or 28 gallons) might be more to your liking. aquarium orbs | Biorb Fish Tanks  Biorb Life 30  Biorb Life 30 Black
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Photo provided by Flickrbiorb 4 gallon fish tank | Biorb Fish Tanks  Biorb Life 30  Biorb Life 30 White
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The Biorb Fish Tank comes in a lot of different sizes and shapes so I'm just going to talk about the newest biorb tanks, the Biorb Life Aquariums. One big complaint about the classic biorb tanks has been solved with the biorb life tanks; they have more surface area which allows fish such as Bettas to get more oxygenation.Reef One have developed what they consider to be a unique filter within their biOrb Fish Tanks using mechanical and chemical filtration methods house within an easy-to change cartridge system. The oxygenation of the non-square aquariums is said to be much better than in conventional designs and further biological filtration takes place on the surface of ceramic media that forms the substrate at the bottom of the bowl shaped tank.Since the classic biorbs are curved there is limited water surface area for the size of the tank. Because of the higher water surface area of the biorblife it works better for fish than the classic biorb fish tanks do. It looks great, the only downside is the filters that need to be bought to maintain the aquarium, although most external filters also have media and sponges that need to be replaced occasionally.
Powerheads are electrical motors that are sealed, allowing them to be submerged and pump the water around the tanks. Our filtration system already oxygenates the water to the maximum level and the water flow is ideal for a fish only aquarium. Powerheads are recommended when keeping coral tanks, however we advise keeping biOrb's as fish only aquariums.BiOrb Fish Tanks are constructed from ultra clear plastic that is crystal clear to look through and just as strong for keeping the water in place. It will not however shatter in the same way as glass and in this respect is much stronger. It will take knocks and bashed much better than glass panels without complete failure and the resulting loss of fish and damage to the room.BiOrb Classic fish tanks come in a variety of sizes, you can be sure to find a tank that will suit your needs. For instance, if you are bent on being simple and would like to put a on your office desk, the BiOrb Classic 15 (baby BiOrb – 4 gallons) will suit you best.