Coralife 29 Gallon BioCube Aquarium with Stand-Biocube

Oceanic 82052 BioCube Aquarium, 29-Gallon: Pet Supplies
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In any case, JoAnn, I will be working with you personally every step of the way from now on, through our ongoing correspondence, until your 29-gallon biocube is ready for seahorses and you are well prepared to give them the best of care, regardless of how long that may take. It's going to be a pleasure working with an experienced marine aquarist who is a conscientious aquarist, Joan, and I know that with your background your seahorses will receive plenty of TLC.
Oceanic BioCube Aquarium, 29-Gallon
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$269.99-$559.26 Oceanic 82052 BioCube Aquarium, 29-Gallon - The Oceanic BioCube features high-quality components and can be used for saltwater or freshwater setups. Enhanced filtration system features dual filter intakes to draw aquarium water from the surface and mid-water for improved water circulation and filtration. Replaceable 2-stage filter cartridge provides easy-to-maintain mechanical and ... Will It Fit? - Coralife 29 Gallon BioCube Aquarium
Photo provided by FlickrWill It Fit? - Coralife 29 Gallon BioCube Aquarium
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The Oceanic brand is one of the more common ones to pop up when you do a search engine query for a 29 gallon aquarium. The company manufactures aquariums and its accessories like pumps and filters. I started reading up on the Oceanic BioCube line and found out that they can be used for both freshwater and saltwater setups.You could add a simple powerhead, like the or pump, to keep the water moving. But why not step it up a notch? The , or are all suitable options for the 29-gallon BioCube and allow you to adjust the flow to produce some serious wave action in your tank.The aquarium documented in this video is the 29 Gallon . But many, if not all, of these modifications and upgrades can be applied to a wide variety of all-in-one nano tanks. If you would like upgrade your nano but have some questions, are happy to help you out!Thanks for reading and until next time, take care and happy reefkeeping!See all of the available at Marine Depot.The Oceanic BioCube 29 gallon aquarium is not a bad set-up for aquarium newbies. It comes with everything you need for an initial set-up and it works pretty well.
The downsides notwithstanding, you should have lots of fun with this tank. Currently, we have some mushroom corals, Zoanthids and some clown fish in ours. And you bet they look good and live well within this aquarium.
This tank isn’t cheap. But for this type of set up, it is more pocket-friendly than most and performs admirably well.I don't know how powerful the water pump that comes with the 29-gallon Oceanic Biocube is or how many gallons per hour it puts out, but I would be happy to go over my usual guidelines regarding water movement in a seahorse tank with you, JoAnn. In general, the filtration system for a seahorse tank should turn over the entire volume of the tank a MINIMUM of five times per hour, so if the water pump for the Oceanic Biocube isn't pumping at least 150 gallons per hour, then the system may actually be undercirculated.. It's difficult to quantify the water flow beyond that because the optimal flow depends to some extent on the dimensions of the aquarium, particularly the height, and largely upon what type of water return the filtration system uses. For example, if the filtration system features a waterfall return or a spray bar return positioned above the surface of the water to provide better surface agitation and oxygenation, both of which effectively diffuse the discharge from the filter, you can easily use a water pump that turns over the entire volume of the tank 10 times per hour (or even 20 times per hour under certain circumstances) without generating too much turbulence or water flow for seahorses. 29-Gallon Biocube Aquarium System, Coralife -- Coralife Oceanic Biocube Is An All-inclusive Aquarium Setup For Both Freshwater And Saltwater Hobbyists. This Fish Tank Has An Advanced Design With High-quality Components To Promote Overall Function And Performance. The 29 gallon biocube is a very modern looking tank. It is about 20x20x20 in size and has a front curved glass (thats why is is so expensive!). In the back there is a filter and room to put a very small protein skimmer and heater in. The reason why they have the back space is to hide the aquariums filters and pumps from view. I dont see why thats such a big deal. You are paying an extra 100 dollars for some curved glass and a cover. All though the biocube has room for a heater and a skimmer you have to cut slits out of the back compartment. Overall the biocube is good if you want a modern looking fish tank. It has a very strong lamp that is good for growing plants and coral. They are made mostly for saltwater. I would say go buy a tank and what you need. The skimmer and the heater are sold separetly. I think the skimmer that fits in there is like $30.00 and a heater for that size tank is like $20.00.