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The BioCube includes a nozzle for the inlet to the tank from the pump. The nozzle is adjustable to approximately 30 degrees of center either way and can rotate 360 degrees in any direction. If you are okay with fixed water flow direction or don’t mind sticking your hand in the tank every once in a while and changing direction this should work okay. If you are looking for a little better water surface agitation and plant/coral movement and a somewhat random current for the fish, you can add a Hydor FLO Deflector in place of the included nozzle. This device uses the movement of the water from the pump to drive a little propeller/turbine which in turn cranks a little gear system that moves the deflector shield around and continuously changes the direction of the water. This is really good for oxygenation and plant growth and will provide regular surface agitation for oxygen exchange and regular currents across the plants and help to minimize any dead spots in the water. I found it at Drs Foster & Smith for $8.99 and in my opinion a very worthwhile add-on to any nanocube setup. For comparison, my local fish store wanted $21.99 for it plus tax.
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I had a FOWLR 55g for a couple of years . I had bought a 14g biocube so that I could try my hand at keeping corals . The softies and LPS's did so well I was able to stock my 55g and turn it into a reef tank. The 14G cube was perfect for me because I wanted something simple for the bedroom. After 5 years I finally decided to upgrade my 14g biocube to a 29G biocube. I bought a new 29g from petsolutions w/ free shipping for $249 plus they gave me a coupon for $30 of free fish or corals. I sold my smaller biocube with extras for about $100. Biocube Sea Horse tank with Mandarin - Carolina Fish Talk
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Before buying the biocube, my biggest concern was “what fish can I put in a biocube”. I wanted my aquarium to come to life with some nice fish. I was kind of pissed that I couldn’t get a nemo tank going with a blue tang ‘dory’ (need at least 125 gallons), but I was satisfied with the selection of fish that I could choose from which consists of many Gobys, Ocellaris Clownfish, , Jawfish, Blenny, , , , hermit crabs, cleaner shrimp, serpent starfish, and other small fish and invertebrates. As you can see, there are tons of options.Life inside my Biocube Salt Water fish tank.

- Blue Tang ~1.5"
- 2 x Clown Tangs ~1"
- Firefish Goby ~1"
- Mandarin Goby ~1.5"

- Gold tip Torch Coral
- Bubble Coral
- Leather Mushroom Coral
- Red Brain Coral
- Kenya Tree Coral
- Frogspawn Coral
- Hammer Coral
- Red Acro Coral

- Turbo Snails
- 2 X Cleaner Shrimps
- Sand sifting Starfish

- Biocube 29 gallon

Shot with: Canon 5D Mark 3 with 100mm Macro lens
Music: Final Fantasy 7 PreludeIn this video I introduce my other fish tank, a 29 Gallon Biocube. I will talk about the modifications that I have already made to the tank and also set the stage for my next upgrade to LED lighting.Coralife Biocube is an awesome fish tank to experiment with if you lack prior acquaintance with reef tanks. Equipped with excellent decor, minimalist design and enviable features, Coralife has once again proved its mettle. Even though the product costs slightly higher than most of the run-of-the-mill aquariums you’ll find in the market, but that has hardly ever affected the market value of Biocube fish tanks.