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You can find the same two types of fish mouths in Lake Managua. In lake after lake in Nicaragua, you can find more thin-lipped cichlids living alongside thick-lipped ones. You can find them thousands of miles away, on the cichlids in African lakes. In many cases, cichlids that have colonized a new lake have rapidly evolved into two distinct populations: one with big lips, and one without.
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It seems like all plug makers produce subsurface metal-lip swimmers. Your average subsurface metal lip is about 2 ounces and 5½ inches in length. Plug makers usually offer them in a variety of sizes ranging from ½- to 3½-ounce. For colors, once again, I stick to the striper favorites: white, black, blurple, yellow, yellow-and-white, green mackerel, parrot, green-and-white and blue-and-white. I have always caught with subsurface metal lips from Beachmaster, RM Smith, Gary Hull, Fixter, Big Water Lures, Big Don, Hab’s, Jnski, Lordship, Afterhours and Greeenpoint. Subsurface swimmers will catch stripers in almost every condition, but I have found that they really don’t work all that well in daylight conditions. They are basically a low-light or nighttime artificial. I do the absolute best with these metal lips while fishing inlets. A little white water thrown in, and they will work even better. Also known as Big-lip Damselfish, Kissing Damsel, Large-lipped Puller, Minstrelfish.
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This big lipped #fish from #Bonaire gave us our #inspiration for some of our #DecemberDiamond ornaments that have some large kissable lips. Can you guess which #ornament?Whimsical Big Lip Fish Art Print-Art Fish-Fish ARt-Green-pink-purple-orange-Coastal-Beach House-Nautical-Ocean-Sea Life-Blue-Fish Painting by ErikaJohnsonGallery on Etsy Also known as Big-lip Damselfish, Kissing Damsel, Large-lipped Puller and Minstrelfish.

Found singly or in small groups in shallow lagoons and seaward reefs.
They feed on crustaceans and algae.
Length - 8cm
Depth - 0-3m
Widespread East Indo-Asian Pacific

Damselfish are egg layers.
First they clear a site ready for a nest, then engage in a mating dance with rapid swimming and fin movements, during this time the males will often turn a shade or two darker and may display white blotches. Spawning occurs at dawn. Sweetlips are a species of fish belonging to the grunt family. They are characterized by their big, luscious lips and come in a variety of vivid colorations. They are one of the harder species of saltwater fish to keep in the aquarium both due to their size and difficulty in adapting to life in captivity. They should only be kept by more experienced aquarists.Purple-Multicolor-Striped-Kitty-Cat-Big-Lipped-Fish-Pin-SWris. Sandy Grittypaw always wanted a fish that he could take for walks in the park and curl up with at night, but after finding out that fish need water to live in, Sandy decided to get a stuffed fish instead...a catnip stuffed fish! He takes his catnip fish everywhere now, and is a very happy cat!I know it’s unusual and maybe even unkind to force you to consider the aesthetic appeal of a fish’s mouth, but please, consider this one. The red-lipped batfish (Ogcocephalus darwini) is a deepwater fish usually found near the Galapagos Islands, and its defining attribute is its mouth: big for its body (which usually grows to about 25cm, about the length of a burrito) and droopy, the red-lipped batfish’s lips look like a pair of Twizzlers melting in the sun.