Mid Lakes Big Fish Net 22" x 27" with 36 Sliding Aluminum Handle

Net Fishing Giant shark Fishing Big fish Net Fishing Cambodia Beautiful Girl Fishing
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However, fighting fish well does not always put the fish in the net. In fact, we see a huge percentage of big fish lost only a few rod length’s away, even after a well fought battle!
The people use net catch fish esily in the lake. He get a big fish very easy
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Regardless of the material itself, buy a sturdy handle for a long lifespan. If after big fish, look for net handles with reinforced construction for strength and durability. It's best to pay a bit more money for a quality net with added features (like treated mesh and a telescopic handle) for better on-the-water functionality and to save money in the long run.

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Photo provided by Flickr-Amazing Two Children Fishing Big - Net Fishing At Meanchey Province - Cambodia Traditional Fish #11
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Photo provided by Flickr
[434] Admirable idea of the Chinese, who compare God’s justice to a net so big that the fish that wander into it think they are free, but actually they are caught. Sinners, likewise, think they will not be punished by God; but they are in the net.[943] Pure liberty is more a philosophical than a civil condition; which does not prevent there being very good and very bad governments, nor does it even prevent a constitution from being more imperfect to the extent that it is further removed from this philosophical idea of liberty that we have. An ancient compared the laws to those cobwebs that, being only strong enough to stop flies, are broken by birds. As for myself, I would compare good laws to those big nets in which fish are caught, while thinking themselves free, and bad ones to those nets in which they are so squeezed that they immediately feel themselves to be caught.[874] [A free government can be compared to a big net in which fish move around without thinking they are caught; the nonfree government, on the other hand …]The medium Measure Net is perfect for a wide variety of trout sizes and other kinds of fish while the large Measure Net is good for blue-ribbon trophy trout waters with big fish . . . or for those times when you’re fishing from a boat or raft. The large, by the way, has a telescoping extension handle, which means it’s a versatile net.Net Fishing - Village People Catch Big Fish - Cambodia VL1

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