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Below, you will find the best small betta fish tanks for sale. These are the top 6 choices, and you should be able to find one that fits both your style and space limitations. If you would like something bigger, see our buyers guide.
Jun 18, 2017 - Below, you will find the best small betta fish tanks for sale
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This is a DIY guide to setting up a cheap home suitable for a betta fish using common items from the dollar store etc.
This is intended as a last-resort alternative for people who can't afford large tanks to have an appropriate home for their fish while still spending as little money as possible. These items were all found at my local Dollar Tree/Walmart/Target stores and thru Craigslist, but I'm sure people outside of the USA can find similar items for an equally low price.

-5 gallon plastic* storage tote (or 2.5+ gallon bucket)
-Plastic* water bottle
-Plastic sponges/pot scrubbies
-Plastic drinking straws
-Silk fabric flowered lei
-LED clip-on light (optional)
-Airline tubing
-Small aquarium air pump
-Airstone (optional)
-Aquarium heater (optional if your room temperature stays consistently 80 degrees F)
-Small terra cotta flower pot (optional)
-Small plastic or silk aquarium plants (optional)

Things not included in the cost which you will still need to care for your fish:
-water conditioner
-a thermometer
-a water test kit
-a siphon or turkey baster to clean the tank floor and do water changes

Other optional items:
-enough gravel to use as a tank substrate
-live aquatic plants like java fern/moss or anubias etc
-live terrestrial plants like pothos or lucky bamboo whose roots can be suspended in the water to help remove nitrates

check local classified ads or sale/trade apps for used tanks and equipment at a low price,
watch chain pet stores for sales on complete 5.5 or 10 gallon starter kits (I've found them as low as $20) and watch for the Dollar Per Gallon sales at Petsmart and Petco.

Thanks for watching and I know I have like two subscribers but lmk if you want more fish/pet videos or have any questions lmao :)

*NOTE: make sure the plastic you use (including the water bottle) is a food-safe polyethylene or polypropylene (recycling numbers 2, 4, or 5) so it won't leach chemicals into the water over time. This video is intended as a low cost alternative to people who can't get their fish a better home, but my intention for it is still a more temporary rather than permanent setup. It would be best not to use plastics like this to hold water for longer than 6 months because it could begin to break down and stress crack, but you could replace the storage container with a new one, or reinforce it like you would a larger container to keep it from bending.

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How to set up a 2.5 gallon Betta fish tank. This video came about when I saw the tiny tanks on sale for Betta fish for the upcoming Finding Dory movie. Those tanks were way to small for a Betta to have any quality of life. This video shows two cheap and easy ways to set up a tank with everything a Betta fish needs. Both of the set ups are either the same price or cheaper than buying one of those smaller tanks. The sand should be 1.5- 2.5 inches deep. The plants are Anubias. We added Flourish root tabs to fertilize the plants. These plant do well in low light conditions. The heater is a Marina Betta heater. Bettas are tropical fish and a constant temperature of 78-80f degrees. The lighting is a LED desk lamp.

We recommend all tanks should have a filtration system. A sponge filter is a good option for smaller tanks. You should always cycle your tank before adding a new fish. Once the cycling is complete 25-30% weekly water changes will help to keep the tank balanced.
If you are not using a filter, you need to be able to commit to water changes every 3-4 days. Smaller tanks without filtration require a lot of work.

*Bowls, vases or glass ornaments are not suitable homes for Bettas. If you are looking into getting a Betta fish as a pet the widely accepted minimum is a 2.5 gallon tank.

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Instagram With 5 gallon fish tanks, size is a double-edged sword as you want the comfort of a compact aquarium with enough swimming room for your cold water fish or tropical fish to avoid boredom. We have compiled the best 5 gallon fish tanks for sale that definitely achieve a spacious feel but can still be placed on a small fish tank stand or desktop. It should be noted that stocking these modest-sized aquariums must be done with careful thought. Betta, Endler’s Livebearer, Dwarf Puffer and various invertebrates are often recommended for 5 gallon fish tanks as they can flourish within the space and do not outgrow the limited expanse.