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Beginners guide to setting up a betta fish aquarium. What tank? What specs? How to prepare.
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I have a 5.5 gallon tank with a betta fish (Aristotle), two Zebra danios (Artemis and Amos), and two ghost shrimp (Leon and Larry). Upgrading to a nice fluval tank soon that's a bit bigger. Aristotle gets along with everybody very well.
If you want to have a healthy, energetic, and , you need more than a top quality Betta fish tank.
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Yesterday I bought a beautiful male betta, I put him in my established tank of fish. I watch for two hours, everything is fine. I go to bed, wake up the next morning and my fish just about destroyed my betta! Hi longs flowy fins torn clean off! He now has been moved to a tiny recovery tank. He has no fins and floats at the top stressed out. I doubt he will even live to see his fins grow back. and don't think I'm exaggerating in how badly hurt he was, he doesn't even have threads. All I can see is the remains of his tail bones and a very full stressed fish, almost lifeless. I feel awful. I got rid of all those fish, for obvious reasons. I know it's more my fault but they too were in the wrong. My 10 gallon tank is empty and saddening. I feel awful. My poor betta. Wish me luck nursing the poor guy back to health! The minimum tank size that should be used for a betta fish setup should be at least or larger.
Photo provided by FlickrWatch this helpful review video on the ViaAqua Quartz Betta Fish Tank Heater.
Photo provided by FlickrOne of the biggest burdens in keeping Betta fish is cleaning the tank.
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There are specific steps to take when transporting your Betta from the pet store tank to your . If you’ve purchased fish before, then you understand that it’s a process and the approach you take will determine the amount of stress you place on your new pet.Find out how to set up a betta fish tank. Do I need a heater? Do I need a filter? How big should the tank be? This step by step guide will take you through. If you set up a new fish tank at the same time you purchase your new Betta, which occurs frequently, you might face “new tank syndrome”. This is when ammonia is produced in the tank faster than the bacteria can handle it, and it can cause unneeded stress on your fish.Betta fish are called the Siamese Fighting Fish because of its behavior towards other males of the same species. You cannot keep two or more males in the same tank. If more than one male fish are placed in the same tank, they will fight until only one of them remains. They will flare out their gill covers and erect their fins showing the other fish their fighting posture. This behavior is also why they are kept separated in small containers at the store.It’s a myth that there are no betta fish tank mates or companions that can coexist with male or female betta fish. There are actually many other species of fish that can live with a betta in what is appropriately called a community tank. While males cannot share the same ecosystem because of their territorial …You can get small tanks that come with dividers which will allow you to keep two in the same tank. Many keep them in a small betta fish bowl and they may live for a while in these small bowls. However, to get the most beautiful colors and optimal health for your fish, they will do better in a 10 gallon or larger betta aquarium with a heater that can maintain a constant temperature in the aquarium. If you plan on keeping yours in a small betta aquarium, please read the page for ideas on equipment needed. Also check out the article written by COBC for the magazine that lists the equipment needed to keep a betta.