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I have a female betta fish right now and I am currently in the process of upgrading her tank to a five gallon. I was wondering what kind of live plants would be the best to have in with her?
Mar 20, 2017 - Keeping a Betta fish in a vase with a live plant, rather than a standard fish tank, has become an increasingly popular practice
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Hi. Nice page. I have a Double Veil Tail and his name is Ormus. Named after the character in the 3rd act of Diablo 2 lol. Anyhow I just wanted to say that he is my first betta and they are great fish. I have him in a 20 gallon tall and I have it planted with about a dozen anubias nana and coffeefolia attached to nice drift wood. Bettas are such inquisitive fish. He swims and explores all day and I have him in with 9 dwarf zebra loaches which he sometimes chases from his favorite spots in the tank but they house well together. I can put bits of food on my finger tips and he eats from my hands. Anyhow, that is my fish story and I just wanted to say nice site. Jun 16, 2013 - This plant will thrive in optimal betta fish tank conditions. The more light that is provided the more dense the foliage. It is a great looking plant with oval, pointed, sword-like leaves growing from a central stem. You should bury the bottom of this plant into fine gravel or sand substrate to keep it rooted.
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Photo provided by FlickrYou will need:- *1* Betta Fish $2.99 Petco- Peace Lily $3.99 Safeway- Vase $1.00 ..
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Natural: One of the more common ornamental objects used in Betta fish tanks is natural water plants. There are many varieties from which to choose with some types more suitable for this species than others. If you decide to purchase natural plants, go to a reputable fish dealer who will know which are the best for your Betta.Share with others...04000In this guide we are going to go step-by-step and show you how easy it is to add live plants to your aquarium. Live plants are great because there are so many benefits in having them in your betta fish tank. Primarily they help keep water conditions optimal by converting harmful chemicals into oxygen but they also reduce algae growth, look fantastic and are kinder to your betta fish’s fins (as opposed to sharp edged plastic plants). Step-by-step guide to adding live…Java moss technically does like cooler water, but a betta tank that is between 78 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit will do just fine. Just like with the java fern, make sure to not plant the java moss with the rhizome below the substrate as this will most likely kill it. Just like with the fern, the moss can be attached to something with some fishing line, or if you do choose to bury it, just make sure that the rhizome is above the substrate. so you will probably want to trim them fairly often.This final betta fish tank plant on our list, the Ancharis, is a great choice indeed. One of the things that makes this plant so awesome is that you can choose to let it float around freely in the aquarium, and you can also choose to plant it in the substrate. This means that is fantastic for aquariums that have virtually any kind of substrate or even none at all. However, the roots can take a fairly long time to grow, so making them stay in one place can be a little difficult, but you can always try tying them down with some fishing line, just do it gently. Yet another good betta fish tank plant option to go with is the Amazon Sword Plant. This plant can come in various shapes and sizes, but the most common one has long flat leaves that protrude from the base and is found in the Amazon River basin. This actually makes them very resilient to changing water conditions because different times of year will affect the Amazon river in various ways. Things like sunlight, water flow, and other water parameters are not that important. As long as the water parameters are not ridiculously skewed in any direction, the Amazon Sword Plant will be just fine. With these in mind, let’s look at some of the most suitable fish tank decor that your could get for your small Betta aquarium. The best decor for them can be classified into three types: floating decor, base decor or aquatic plants.