Betta Fish Care - Tank Size vs Bowl, Water Type, Tank Mates

Successful Betta fish care requires knowing the facts about their behaviors and tank setup.
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I own a very vicious betta named buddy. He's bit me twice, he has kills a whole tank full of fish, he flares at me, ect. To sum it all up he's a jerk and now lives in a 5 gal tank with no other fish except an algae eater. I did manage to train him a few tricks. He also knows his name. He also knows when I yell at him for flaring at me. He is a Wal-Mart rescue. I was buying supplies and saw him and fell in love. I don't support walmart in how they care for fish but it was love at first sight. I believe he thinks he is a dog.
The Betta Project has begun How to setup a Betta Tank How to care for a Betta Fish Fish Room VLOG
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As any true aquarium enthusiast will tell you, this size tank is extremely cruel and inhumane and I am appalled it is being showcased on the Daily Grommet - enough to make me unsubscribe after I send this message.

I also hate that the tank vertical rather than horizontal, making it much more stressful on the fish. Yes, bettas like to hover, but that is not ALL they like to do.

Ideal size tanks for bettas START at 2.5 gal, over twice the size of this one. Read bettafishtalk dot com if you really care about your betta.

Unbelievable that in 2013 we have not evolved enough to consider animals anything more than disposable decor. If you are too darn lazy to properly care for and yes, clean up, after your pet, you should not own one. As responsible fish keepers we want to provide the best care for our Betta fish that we can. That may possibly mean tankmates for your Betta!
Photo provided by FlickrBetta fish like living alone and can be aggressive towards other fish. Be very careful in choosing a tank mate for your betta fish.
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We can all agree Betta fish are often sold as easy-to-care-for, low-maintenance pets. And while they are generally hardy fish, they still produce waste like any other fish and their tanks will eventually need to be cleaned.Betta fish originate from stagnant and shallow waters does not mean they can live in poor quality water. Kept in small bowls with nothing to do they often become sick and die very quickly. The reason for this is that in your tank exists ammonia and other dangerous toxins which should be cleared by the water changes. The truth is that Bettas are one of the easiest fish to care for. They don’t need much care and attention, just follow some simple works of looking after them and you will have healthy fish.Most people can opt for this breed, as it is low cost in terms of buying, care, and maintenance. If you take good care of the fish, it should last up to 4 years as your best friend in a tank. The question right now on your mind might be, how do you take care of betta fish? We get to look at important tips you can follow if you want to keep betta fish.I just bought a male Betta today at Walmart. I bought a Marina Betta EZ Care Aquarium Kit and TetraMin Tropical Flakes fish food. Will the tank and fish food be alright for my Betta? Do I need to get a different tank and food for him? What kind of water can I use if I don't have any water conditioner handy or just don't want to get any? Is bottled water that you can find at a grocery store or Walmart be alright? How many times do I have to feed him? I believe he got feed today before I bought him since he didn't eat any of the fish food I gave him. How many days do I need to give my Betta before he is fully acclimated to his new surroundings and is accustomed to me? Should I put paper over the lid of the tank so that he doesn't jump out at night? What temperature should I set the house when I am there and when I'm not there in order for my Betta to be comfortable? This is my first time owning a Betta so I could use all the help that I can get. I'm also looking for a suitable names for him as well.Betta Fish Tanks & How to Maintain a Healthy Tank - Get Free instant access to the famous "Betta Fish Serets" mini-course at . Do you know how to keep your fish tank hospitable for your betta? In this video, we will teach you how to maintain your tank daily, weekly and yearly. We include a step-by-step checklist so you know exactly how to care for your betta and keep him happy and healthy.Taking on a betta fish as a pet should not be concerning. They are easily cared for and very resilient fish. I will show you how to properly clean a fish tank in under 15 minutes. Taking the guesswork out of the fish tank cleaning process may just help you decide to take on a betta fish as a pet. They really are low maintenance, and make a great first pet for children who need to learn the responsibility of pet ownership without taking on a larger pet like a cat or a dog.