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Shedding of my Betta fish fins 🤔🤔 - YouTube
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I have a five-gallon heated tank with one Betta and a Marimo moss ball. I love the moss ball, but it definitely makes the water "sludgy"; the silk plants and gravel in the tank have gotten a bit green and I regularly have to scrub off tank decorations because they're covered in algae sludge. Is there any way to keep the moss ball in the tank, keep my Betta happy, but prevent this kind of "shedding"? It's not a health problem for the fish, but it's kind of unsightly....
Shedding of my Betta fish fins 🤔🤔
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No kitty litter, no muddy paws, no shedding, squawking, barking, meowing or whining. For college students strapped on time, limited on space and regulated by landlords, a betta fish might just be the perfect pet. How to keep my betta fish from shedding its skin - Quora
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I have a red and a blue Betta fish in a divided tank. The blue Betta has been looking weird. He is shedding his blue skin and looks very strange. He eats very eagerly and doesn't appear to be in any pain. The red Betta hasn't been affected visibly by being in the same tank.Hi, My betta just got ich and I treated it now Im starting to see couple back and Im still treating it with the Herbtana, it made it go away before. Now it hasnt eaten in to two days and I just fed it and luckily it ate one pellet but not much. I tried feeding it blood worms and that didnt work either. My bettas head used to be all black but now its a lightish grey with some colorfull spots on it?! its stomach has also turned whitish. I am also noticing that it seems to be shedding its skin on its back?!. I have my fish in a one and a half gallon tank and i have a heater and I put aquarium salt it it! My fish is crazy, what should I do!!!