How to Prevent and Treat Popeye in Betta Fish: 10 Steps

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I can't personally vouch for this treatment, as I have never tried it, but I plan to, as soon as another dropsy pops up in my fishroom! I will post my own results here on this site, and I really hope Lorena is on to something here. Personally, I have never been able to cure a betta of dropsy. I have read accounts of others who have cured them, but usually they die a month or so later.
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Betta With Pop Eye 12/24/05 Hello: A week and a halfago our Betta showed the first signs of Popeye. At the store I was toldto use Melafix, but the problem just got worse. Now we are tryingMaracyn Two in combination with Aquarium Salt and Cycle. We moved thefish into a hospital tank and changed the water every other day. Thefish seems friskier and is eating again, but the eye conditiondidn't improve. Today is day four of Maracyn treatment; my questionis for how long should I keep it on Maracyn and, eventually, what othermedication would you recommend? Thanks for your help! Roxanne B. May 24, 2008 - Popeye in Bettas. Popeye -- also called exophthalmia -- causes pressure behind the eyeballs, making a fish's eyes protrude. Clean Water. Maintaining clean water helps prevent popeye in betta fish. Stable Temperatures. A Safe Environment. Treatment for Popeye. Betta Care.
Photo provided by FlickrI have been treating for five days without a carbon filter
Photo provided by FlickrThe betta's eyes have not gotten any better or worse
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If your betta isn’t the only inhabitant of its aquarium, it’s good practice to isolate it before treatment. Create what’s known as a so that the treatments or medicines don’t harm the other critters or plants. If any other fish also have the infection, be sure to put them in quarantine along with the betta (or even better, create a separate quarantine aquarium for each of them). If a betta has contracted popeye, other aquarium inhabitants may make the situation worse.• Popeye is a Betta fish disease that causes a fish’s eyes to protrude from their heads. This is a bacterial infection that can also come from untreated or dirty tank water. To prevent Popeye from becoming a more serious matter, treatment should begin immediately.About 10 days ago I noticed that my Betta fish had Popeye. I started doing daily 25% water changes and Epsom salt baths. When he didn't get better within a few days, I continued his treatment with API Tetracycline. By the 3rd day his eye had gone considerably down and he had also eaten a little bit. I finished the recommended 4-day course of treatment and dosed for an an extra day just to be on the safe side. I then added some carbon into my filter to clear out the aquarium. The next day however, my Betta was refusing food again and was very lethargic. I also noticed that though his eye has healed from the Popeye infection, it's turned almost completely white and I think he might be blind in that eye now.Betta fish Popeye Treatment: Popeye can be difficult to treat, as the cause is not always evident. Water changes, antibiotics, and/or Bettafix are the best places to start.Because popeye is caused by a bacterial infection, your betta may need antibiotic treatment to recover from the illness. Your veterinarian will ask you questions about your fish's habitat and determine whether the popeye is a result of a bacterial infection in the eye or a more serious underlying medical condition. Because it is often difficult to find a qualified fish veterinarian, you may need to try treating the infection yourself. Administer an antibiotic treatment directly to the water, carefully following the package instructions.