1) What are some other fish that can live with bettas?

Here are some of the best live plants to add into your betta fish tank,
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I debated putting the possibility of goldfish living with bettas at the top of this entire article seeing as it’s one of the most common questions I get about betta tank mate possibilities. It will have to live at the top of this section instead. Don’t do it.
It is a common belief that betta fish can live in an aquarium as small as a cup.
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Lots of goldfish may LIKE to be in cold water, butbecause we sometimes live in very warm houses the aquarium temperature creeps up to the 70s without any intentional heating. I know this was the case with my first aquarium about 20 years ago. We had a fayre fish in these conditions who lasted about 7 years and co-habitted with lots of different tropical fish over the years, including guppies, tetras and full grown angel fish. The goldfish never suffered because of the temperature. He was the peacekeeper in the tank.
Never had the pleasure of keeping Bettas at that time, but I will be doing straight after Christmas ☺ of How to Help a Betta Fish Live Longer was reviewed by  on March 6, 2017.
Photo provided by FlickrLive plants are great because there are so many benefits in having them in your betta fish tank.
Photo provided by FlickrHi Emily, Goldfish and betta fish should not live together. I have a blog about .
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When you purchase a Betta fish in the pet store are typically four months old. This is when their fins and color are at full blast. If you purchase a healthy Betta, the typical Betta fish life expectancy is at least two years, but many often live onto four years.Live plants and aquarium toys are also great for Betta fish. Soft, live plants are the perfect place to hide andsleep, and aquarium toys will provide hours of entertainment and exercise. Just remember to only use soft smoothplants and smooth toys so that your Betta does not snag its beautiful fins on pointy or jagged edges. I bought my Betta fish yesterday and as geeky as it may sound.. I really like owning him. My main question is how long do Betta fish live for when they are very healthy inside of a clean tank. I take pride in making sure my fish are fed nicely and do daily water changes. I have been wondering how long the fighter fish live for because they are actually pretty small and smaller animals usually don’t live that long. Anyone know?​I think the real question here is: should a Betta fish live in a vase? The answer, in short, is no. It is a common misconception that Bettas don't require a lot of space. While it is true that Bettas in the wild live in shallow water ways, those waterways are very large. Bettas need much more room than a vase can offer. The smaller the space, the quicker the water quality becomes toxic and dangerous to the fish. Smaller fish environments require so much more care. Bettas love to swim and are active fish. The minimum tank size should be 2.5 gallons but bigger is always better.Many Betta’s lead full and healthy lives just be eating Betta pellets bought from the pet store. But to increaseBetta fish life expectancy, vary your Betta's diet to ensure it receives enough protein and fiber.​These foods can be fed as live food or frozen food. If you use frozen food be sure to defrost it and rinse it well before giving it to your Betta fish. Do not use hot water to defrost the frozen food otherwise the water will cook it. Freeze dried food is another option, but should only be fed as a treat. It can cause bloat if the Betta is fed too much and too often.