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While that bit of history might paint a brutal picture, the modern female live betta fish has a more community-minded temperament and will generally share a tank with other female bettas and non-aggressive fish. Male betta fish are another story, however. While they can also live successfully in community tanks, a male should never be placed in an aquarium with another betta (male or female), as it will reawaken that old fighting spirit. Two or more live betta fish in one tank will become aggressive and combat each other – often to the death – to determine which betta is the alpha. Pet parents who want to pick up multiple betta fish for sale are strongly urged to keep them in separate tanks.
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Shop Petco for all your betta fish needs. You’ll find a variety of vibrant and colorful betta fish for sale that are sure to help kick start a budding aquarist hobby in anyone. Featuring jewel-bright colors and elegant, flowing fins betta fish are the perfect low maintenance introduction for pet parents who are looking to test the waters of aquarium ownership. This freshwater species looks great anywhere; you can even buy betta fish to brighten up the office! Giant Halfmoon Plakat Bettas for sale
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Photo provided by Flickrgiants that many buyers won't buy unless they see size of the fish now.
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