Oversized brandy glass = betta fish bowl!

If It's Hip, It's Here: The Betta Bowl Modern Tabletop Fish Tank
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The rice paddies and swamps betta fish call home are complete ecological systems. You are not going to find those qualities in a small fish bowl.
This is a video of a my Betta fish bowl. i have 2 snails and 3 banana plants Hope you enjoy it
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Hello, I purchased a Betta fish a month ago and when I did I didn't bother buying a new tank (because I already had one in the attic that I pulled out and washed up only to realize there was a hole in it) and I put him in a 1.5 gallon bowl. Yesterday I got him a nice 5 gallon tank with plants, places to hide, etc. Also, he has a gentle waterfall filter (not sure what it's exactly called) unique betta fish bowl - Google Search
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Photo provided by FlickrBetta fish bowl with waterfall filter and heater. #betta #fishbowl
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Welcome to my website dedicated to the beautiful aquarium fish, the Betta fish. Here you will find information and advice about keeping a Betta fish in fish bowls. You can read about , and in his little home, the Betta Fish Bowl.How to grow a lily in your fish bowl: The most important thing to consider when choosing the vase is the well-being of your fish. Choose a container that's too small, and you limit the amount of space the fish has to swim in. Betta fish need enough room to swim around and don't do as well in really small bowls. Some pet stores sell fish bowls that will work fine for this purpose.Turned a Drink Dispenser into a betta fish bowl. Easy cleaning. Complete with a Yellow Mystery Snail, "Butter," and Marimo Moss Ball, "Monty," to keep him company and healthy. Keep out of direct sunlight. Used a plastic flower pot saucer with a cut hole for the roots of our Hyacinth plant. Makes the plant easy to remove for feeding. Add a decorative piece for your fish to swim through and around. Our Betta "Flutter" is in love with his new digs. With a bit of creativity, you can create the ultimate habitat for your Betta fish, and even create a Betta fishbowl that will add to the look and feel of the room you choose to place it in. Do not limit yourself to thatstandard, tiny little container for your Betta, consider your options.Betta fish are often seen as solitary fish, most often in tiny bowls. While a single Betta can survive in as little as a gallon of water - as they are native to shallow pools of water - they do prefer having a larger amount of space than these small bowls tend to provide.There really is no such thing as "too large" of a space for your Betta fish. You must make the choice as towhether you are going to have a filtered or unfiltered Betta fish bowl or tank as well. The unfiltered option worksbest for smaller bowls, and does require more frequent cleaning and water changes in order to ensure that it issafe for the Betta. If you choose a larger bowl or tank, a filter will help keep particulate matter and otherimpurities that can be detrimental to your Betta's health removed from the water.