My betta fish has bulging eyes and its mouth is gaping open

This disease affects a betta fish's eye and will cause one or both to bulge outwards
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Just last week you had a seemingly healthy betta fish but now its eyes are buggy, foggy, and sticking out of its head. What happened?! Your betta is experiencing a symptom known as popeye, which is identified by fluid buildup behind the eye, resulting in bulging and cloudiness. A freshly cleaned environment, isolation, and medication should aid in getting your betta back to normal and staying that way.
My Betta fish has fin rot and hs eyes are both bulging but clear i am almos.
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This disease affects a betta fish’s eye and will cause one or both to bulge outwards. It can be very startling seeing these symptoms, but it is treatable. The most common cause of popeye is prolonged exposure to poor water quality. Why does my betta fish have a bulging eye
Photo provided by FlickrDo not buy Betta fish whose eyes are either sunken or bulging.
Photo provided by FlickrIn short the fish will have died, not of the popeye itself, but because of the more serious disease that triggered it. uSYMPTOMS: One or both of Mr. Betta's eyes start bulging out. In about 2 to 7 days the eye might look so grotesque you will be afraid to look at your betta.
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Thank you for your response. Both fish are still living. The Red Female Betta (half moon?) is still plump. I have cut down on her amount of food as well as changed all my fish's diets to smaller pellets. I've followed your advice to add Aquarium Salt in addition to the water Conditioner i routinely use. I discussed with a store repr. my Dropsy Dilemma. she suggested API Beta Fix, too. " It fixes everything". With nothing to lose, I did. I followed directions. No changes. About the second water change 3 days later, the Blue Beta (Crown Tail?) began laying on the floor of her cylinder tank . Upon my return, there was no change. Tummies still swollen, but colors still vibrant. At this time there has not been any sighs of ill behavior, white spots or pine-cone scales other than the tummies were light from the ballooning. I was replaceing and treating the water with Beta Fix about every four days. A week later, blue Betta is laying on the bottom of her tank, I see her coming up for air, but I could not encourage activity. This was very unusual for her as both Bettas nearly leap out of the tank when I walk in the room. I notice Miss Blue's right eye is protruding, bulging and even a white circle is around it. Much like the photo on your web site. This is IT for her I thought. I had a three day trip ahead, and expected her to die while I was gone. Followed my pre-travel routine. When I got home, her eye was no better, but she was swimming around again and hitting the surface for food. Not playful but swimming. I am now trying Aquarium Solutions Betta Revive AND Betta Fix. I moved my Girl to a 1 gallon holding tank to make daily complete bowl cleaning easier. Her eye seems to be clearing a bit. The Betta Revive turns the water blue, so it is hard to tell. Her swimming activity is back to normal. Following the manufacturers instructions I will only use Betta Revive for 7 days, on the fourth day (today) I see much improvement but still bulging in her eye. I also followed the recommendation of a pet store associate whe has raised many Bettas. I descriped my fishes' symptoms to a PetCo associate. Except for the bulging eye, he didn't think my fish were experiencing regular Dropsy symptons. They are glossy and active. It could be they are full of eggs. Isn't spawning season in the Spring? I do not keep my Bettas together, but I do house the males and female side by side. My Male Betta have better egg nests and it keeps them swimming. Otherwise the males are lethargic and hide in a corner.I am a little confused as what to do with our little betta Luke. He is in a 2.6 gallon fish tank with filtration, plants, etc. and seems happy for the most part. His tank is cleaned often for the most part but recently got a little cloudy and we were unable to change it. Where the problem started is when my son went to feed him the other night, he jumped out and hit his wall, so my son scooped him up and put him back in the water right away. I guess shortly thereafter he showed signs of what is apparently stress....bulging eyes, he was not moving much. He has looks worse over these past few days, with a whitish mouth, loss of coloring and his fins look just a little off. He even swims a little funny on kind of sideways or has his mouth open like he is gulping water. Or he is straight up and down. After reading all sorts of information on the internet, I am certainly overwhelmed and confused to what is wrong. "Popeye"....fungus, bacterial infection, stress....all with different treatments. I changed his water because a clean environment is crucial was recommended Bettafix, but after reading reviews decided this was not a good option for him. Then was going to get an erythromycin formula from the pet store but was advised to just get Stress Coat....that seemed like the safest option. What do you think could be going on? The pet store said to always pick up a fish with wet hands because it caused a lot of stress to him....could he possibly have an infection now too? I just don't want to treat him with anything that will harm him but then I again I don't want to just leave him suffer and not help him out either. I would appreciate your input before it's too late. Thanks in advance for any advice.