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PetsMart near me is great too....they actually have a few betta breeders working in the fish department...I would however like to see the "Dragonscale" changed to HMPK. The only problem I've had is finnage issues on the males...some are very ripped up but they use a lot of methylene blue in their water so it's not too big of a deal.
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Hey Andrea,I agree with you about the blue water. I had to guess the color of my first betta due to the color of the water. I had no idea what it was. I have noticed that one of the Walmarts I go to has had clear water lately. So like you said,it may come down to the person over that department. As far as how I would like it done,I think Kev has it nailed down with the frosted glass. If I had my druthers that would be the standard setup. But hey,who cares what I think right?
Hey Raul and Nancyisme,you should check Shirlie Sharpe's article about the rice paddy mud 'puddles'. My idea of what a mud puddle is and the photos she posted are worlds apart. The puddles are not that small and aren't confined to a solitary spot(like I thought). They seem more like a long winding stream where at least the fish can (and most likely do) have abundant space to roam. I am sure a fish or any other animal is capable of surviving in a small confined space, does that mean they should have to live that way forever? Put it this way,you and I could survive in a jail cell for the next forty years. Would you be happy? I know I would'nt!! So why would I expect an animal to live happily that way? Btw Nancyisme,from what I have read thus far,the min tank requirement is at least 3 gallons for a betta. That may be the opinon of a few, yet I know that I feel a bit happier when I see my fish swimming in their tanks as opposed to the 'cells' that they were sold in.
"Then after all that a person is going to buy one of those tiny betta habitats anyhow". This might be true but imo is still a shame!
Raul,be it Mexico,Malasya,Singapore,or Roseville(Michigan) I still think it is cruel.
Batboy,glad to hear that your local pet store has the larger containers.
Thanks to all of you who took time to reply. I have to say again that I am in no way affliated with Petsmart or Walmart. I'm just someone who cares about animals. The only reason I posted this thread is beacause of another thread that was posted where the person who posted and several members here on the forum blasted Walmart as the devil incarnate for their 'horrific' handling of bettas. I just thought that it was only fair to 'call em all out' as it were.
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His fish had just passed away. He was devastated by the loss of his closest companion. So he did the only thing he could think of to soothe his soul: head on over to PetSmart and pick up a new betta fish to plug that hole in his heart. So he rolls up in pet supply retail giant PetSmart and asks for the oldest betta fish they’ve got (he wants the one that’s suffered there the longest), and that’s when things take a turn for the worst.I just want to say something, I didn't know a whole lot about bettas when this video was made. I'm aware that some of the fish that I said had fin rot were crown tails. We all make mistakes :) Also, people keep commenting that the crowded feeder fish are meant for "food" and it doesn't matter if they a crammed together. Feeder fish live a miserable life. But at the end of the day I think we all know that petco and petsmart don't treat their fish the way they should be treated.
Hey guys! So me and my friend Corrine went to Petco and PetSmart today to see the condition of their fish!(plus some other animals) we hope You enjoy!
-LauraAfter finding a betta (Siamese Fighting Fish) with a black fin living in poor water conditions he scooped up that feisty lil fish and proceeded to write a scathing Craigslist post in which he tears PetSmart to shreds.I'm in the same situation as you, the closes petco is about 40 miles away, and petsmart is like 5 away, I only ever go to petco if I go out that way and I rarely get a fish because I dont want to pay that much for a pet-store betta.