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Petco+PetSmart Betta fish cruelty Investigation - YouTube
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My PetSmart keeps their tanks really clean and the Bettas are look healthy. Petco I will agree, has more varity, but my Petco was absolutly horrible in regards to health and man they overstocked!( they were feeding big goldfish little feeder goldfish!(Isaw!) and there were dead fish floating around, ugh.
OK to buy betta at Walmart, Petco, etc.? - Betta Fish and Betta Fish Care
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I got my fish betta about 15 years ago when I was 6 (by me I mean my parents got a betta fish for my room). My set up then was a 3 gallon kritter keeper (pet keeper), 25 watt heater, gravel, a cave and a plastic plant (which is actually fairly soft... I still wouldn't use it now). My first fish (a purple VT from petco named Purples. Remember I was 6) lived for over 2 years and died of old age. What's up with this Petco Rose Petal? - Betta Fish and Betta Fish Care
Photo provided by FlickrHi All, I was at petco the other day and picked up a 'baby boy' betta fish
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There is one thing i dont understand how petco calculate the selling price. That store owner is specialized in marine fishes but he also carry a lot of freshwater fishes and he has a little of betta.I just want to say something, I didn't know a whole lot about bettas when this video was made. I'm aware that some of the fish that I said had fin rot were crown tails. We all make mistakes :) Also, people keep commenting that the crowded feeder fish are meant for "food" and it doesn't matter if they a crammed together. Feeder fish live a miserable life. But at the end of the day I think we all know that petco and petsmart don't treat their fish the way they should be treated.
Hey guys! So me and my friend Corrine went to Petco and PetSmart today to see the condition of their fish!(plus some other animals) we hope You enjoy!
-LauraOne of you paid $14 and the other $20. Here it is only $4.99. Petco is ripping both of you off. Where is "here"? I don't know about where you live, but those are the prices for fish in the state of New York. I will see regular sized veil tails for $3.99 ocassionally. But the moment the betta is "special" in any way, the price hops up to $5-15. I don't think we are getting ripped off so much as we live in areas where everything is more expensive.PetCo does sell higher end Bettas, they seem to get them from great breeders and PetSmart is now breeding their own fish, including their Bettas and they honestly don't seem to know as much about the different types. I often find PetSmart to have mixes of HM and DT labeled as HMs. Since PetSmart is breeding their own you can often find quite young ones there too, under a year but not in their fry stage any more, unlike PetCo who usually has either fry or 1 year+.