So what is the perfect size freshwater aquarium for your betta fish

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As any true aquarium enthusiast will tell you, this size tank is extremely cruel and inhumane and I am appalled it is being showcased on the Daily Grommet - enough to make me unsubscribe after I send this message.

I also hate that the tank vertical rather than horizontal, making it much more stressful on the fish. Yes, bettas like to hover, but that is not ALL they like to do.

Ideal size tanks for bettas START at 2.5 gal, over twice the size of this one. Read bettafishtalk dot com if you really care about your betta.

Unbelievable that in 2013 we have not evolved enough to consider animals anything more than disposable decor. If you are too darn lazy to properly care for and yes, clean up, after your pet, you should not own one.
Check out some of the best tanks for your Betta fish and learn how to choose the right size aquarium for a healthy, happy fish.
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Basic Betta Info

The Tank - Your Betta's Home
Bettas are labyrinth fish, meaning they can breathe directly from the surface of water. Therefore they don't need air pumps to provide them with oxygen like most fish do. You often see bettas at pet stores in small bowls without any type of filtration at all, as bettas do not like fast currents (they come from small rice paddies). And most pet store employees advise their customers to keeps bettas in such small spaces because they seem "happier". How would you like it if you lived your entire life in a 2 x 3 ft room?Bettas need a minimum sized aquarium of two gallons. Although bettas can easily be kept in a two-gallon aquarium, the bigger the better - they would also appreciate the extra space. The larger the tank, the less frequent you'll have to execute water changes. Make sure the aquarium has lid or hood, as bettas are excellent jumpers. BETTA FISH AQUARIUM SIZE - aquarium decorations
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Photo provided by FlickrFeb 19, 2017 - Check aquarium size: betta fish are very territorial
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This is a beautifully designed aquarium, and it looks great in almost any setting. However, 3 gallons (11 liters) still isn’t the optimal size for a betta fish, but it will provide it with plenty of space for swimming – something a healthy betta fish absolutely requires.This elegantly designed aquarium is the perfect size for a betta fish. The only possible downside to this aquarium is the built-in filter, which can be a pain to replace if it breaks or you want something a little bit more powerful.This 5 gallon (19 liter) tank is large enough that a betta fish will likely survive any non-catastrophic mistakes you make, and the water parameters will be very stable in an aquarium this size – especially if it only contains one betta fish.Aside from its excellent durability and compactness (but proper betta fish tank size) what makes EcoQubeC so special is its outstanding filter. Instead of using a traditional filter, EcoQube uses a plant as a filter. Yes, I know, a plant! This new and innovative filtration system has a beneficial effect on your fish, and your wallet. EcoQube uses 90% less water and 50% less energy than a standard aquarium. The water filtered by EcoQube is cleaner and does not contain nitrates that cause algae to spread, making you change the water more often.Betta Tankmates
Every betta has its own personality, some can be aggressive towards its tankmates while others can be peaceful. The tankmate can't resemble the appearance of a betta, can't be aggressive (or else it'll stress or even injure your betta fish) and can't be too small that the betta can eat it. These fish make great tankmates:
1) Corydora (Image 3)
2) Pleco (Image 4)
3) Apple Snail (Image 7)
4) Medium to Large sized Tetras (Image 8)
5) Otocinclus Catfish (Image 9)
Despite the fact that these tankmates are appropriate for most male bettas, some might react differently to its tankmate. Like I said before, every betta has its own personality.

Aquarium Decor: Fake or Live Plants?
Before you decide to add anything to your betta's home, whether it be gravel or an ornament, never wash it with soap or detergent. No matter how well you rinse it off, the soap's residue will still be there and will eventually leach into your betta's water and kill it. Wash it lukewarm water, and make sure its material is appropriate for aquarium use and that it doesn't have sharp edges that can scratch your betta.

Plastic PlantsFor your Bettas, there is scarcely a better aquarium than the Tetra Cube aquarium. This is one of the best products around, and your aquatic pets are sure to love their new habitat, as much as you will love watching them play around in it. The Tetra Cube is perfect for offices, living rooms, and dormitories, as its medium size will not take too much room, but will be big enough for the fish to move around in.