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Some common fish that can be housed with a male betta in a well planted/decorated 10 gallon tank:
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@anonymous: You could squeak by with a 10 gallon for awhile, your main problem is going to be cycling the new tank, if u have established media from an existing tank it will go faster. Keep it wet... Get a water testing kit (API freshwater master is good) and do frequent water changes. You want to try and keep ammonia under .25 parts per million while u cycle, there needs to be some ammonia to feed the good bacteria, but more can seriously damage fish. Prime should be used to detoxify ammonia. There are many good articles about how to cycle. The fact that these Tetras are schooling fish will need to be addressed. You need 6+ of each kind for them to be happy and not stressed. For that you will need around a 20 gallon tank. Or rehome the Neon and Bloodfin to someone with the space for more. The Betta should be fine with these fish but u are going to need to put him in last, dim the lights, and keep the water really clean to cure his fin rot. If u need to treat him, u may want a separate hospital tank for that. I find clean water, a bit of aquarium salt, and some melafix and pimafix to be useful for fin healing. Good Luck!
If you currently have your Betta fish in a tank smaller than 10 gallons, please do not add any more fish to his tank.
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I don't have a tank right now but I had a large tank with one male beta, 7 plattys, a small school of neon tetras, a few Otocinclus, and a some upside down catfish. I also had a 10 gallon with a Betta some Platys and a couple cory cats. Betta fish only need 5 gallons of water to survive a normal life. In a 10 gallon tank, your Betta should live for more than it's average lifespan.
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I have to say about bettas living with other fish. I just started a 10 gallon tank and I put my betta in with 5 rosy reds plenty of room for all of them and my betta killed two of them. I have had many bettas and they just dont like other fish. If they cant kill them then they just hide in a corner and sulk. Just because they are not trying to kill them doesn't mean they are happy. Mine died a week later, I beleive it was from stress.My 10 Gallon Betta Fish Tank. Just did a 40% water change so excuse all the mess. I need to give it a good vacum. I dropped some Baby Tears in, and they dropped a lot of little silky looking string that are attaching to everything.10 gallon Betta Fish Tank with a baby Dwarf Albino Pleco @ . Shot with my GoPro from inside the tank. This is just a temporary home for the Pleco. He will be permanently be house in a 29 gallon tank. This 10 Gallon tank is to small for him.A divided 10 gallon Betta fish tank tour. If you would like to see how we made the divider please click the information card in the right hand corner of the video. This months tank theme is Finding Dory. We used a plastic table cloth from Walmart and cut it to the size of the aquarium. We attached it to the back using gift tape. Most of the decorations in the tank came from Amazon. The glass bowl was from dollar tree.

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* Disclaimer ~ This video is not sponsored in any way. The links above are affiliate links and help to support this channel.The cichlids family includes many varied fish. While some cichlids are known for aggression, some smaller members of the family get along well with other fish. The ram and the krib both stay small and rarely bother other fish. Both of these cichlids come in several colors, hang out near the bottom of the tank, and may even spawn if you have a pair. Both the ram and the krib can work well with a betta in a 10-gallon tank.A 10-gallon tank is a standard size in the aquarium industry, so you'll have many more choices when it comes to accessories. However, you can always choose to take the road less traveled and build a unique Betta tank that not only gives your fish everything he needs, but looks amazing.