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Best filters for 3/4/5 gallon aquariums and small Betta fish tanks
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20-gallon (76 litre) tanks

Tanks this size are ideal starting points for anyone entering the hobby. In the United States 20-gallon tanks are available in “tall” and “long” varieties. The tall tanks measure roughly 24 inches in length and 17 inches in depth; the long tanks are 30 inches in length and 13 inches in depth. All else being equal, the long tank is better. Long tanks offer more swimming space and have a greater surface area to volume ratio, meaning oxygen diffuses into the tank at a faster rate. You can keep more fish, more happily, in a long tank than a tall tank.
Do tall 20-gallon tanks have any advantages? Not many. They are perhaps a bit easier to decorate with tall plants and rocks, and having a smaller footprint they take up less space on a tabletop or shelf. Greater depth does work better with certain small but tall fish, in particular domesticated angelfish. But beyond that, these tanks are far inferior to long tanks for general fishkeeping and are best avoided by less experienced hobbyists.

Species useful in 10-gallon tanks will do even better in a 20-gallon tank. In the case of things like small tetras, you can keep larger groups. If you have a nicely planted aquarium, consider keeping two dozen neons for example. Otherwise some of the additional species you can sensibly keep in a 20-gallon tank include the following:
Learn which tankmates to choose for your Betta fish in a small aquarium or community tank environment for the best chance of success.
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I currently have a gorgeous blue Betta in a 10 gallon tank with 6 Harlequin Rasboras, 4 Ghost Shrimp, a zebra nerite snail, and have been trying to add a couple additional cardinal tetras to my current 3 without overloading (so they have a nice little school). I have a Java fern, two other plants, driftwood, and bought a slightly more powerful filter to see if it allows the higher bioload. I don't want a super strong current for my betta, so we'll see how they react. I tend to do a 15% water change each week. The cardinals don't get very big and occupy different space from the shrimp/snail, so I have not stuck strictly to the 10 fish (in.) per 10 gallon rule, but I think it would be best to either put 8 cardinals or 8 Rasboras with a betta in a 10 gallon tank, rather than the smaller schools of each that I have (assuming they're properly acclimated and the betta is carefully added last). I've had the tank a few months and only had trouble adjusting the cardinals to my water that has a high pH from adding a few too many minerals back into the distilled/filtered water that I mix with tap (Perfect water aside from high pH from time to time). Otherwise, it's a lovely tank that both me and my small boys—and husband, too—enjoy! Best small Betta fish tank and 2.5-3 gallon aquarium kit reviews
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One thing that you should consider when you start your new nano reef tank is the choice of small saltwater fishes that could be best suitable for your tank. Keep in mind that the fish species should not be aggressive and the choice of fish you choose to stock is compatible with each other.We look at 6 of the best small fish tanks in our detailed reviews to help you find a cool and unique nano tank for 2017, we look at features, pro's, con's and more to help you decide.Considered one of the best starter fish, Pajama Cardinalfish is among the most commonly bought fish for nano tanks for they are cheaply priced and remain small even until their adult form. These fish aren’t also picky when it comes to food and would generally feed on anything you put on your tank. Also, they are characterized by their bold patterns and their mouth-brooding features – their tendency to carry their eggs inside their mouth before the eggs hatch.We are here to help you narrow down the choices in order for you to find a good small fish tank that is ideal for you and your home. We have selected what we feel are some of the best cool and unique options for 2017. If you are a beginner and are relatively new to aquariums, a small fish tank is probably a good choice to go with. A small tank is ideal for just a few fish, they are easy to maintain, and they won’t cost you a fortune either. Of course you don’t want just any small fish tank, you are going to want the best small fish tank or nano tank that your money can buy. Perhaps the best feature about this fish tank is that it features a self-filtering . What this means is that the tank comes with a small basil plant that grows on top of it. The plant has the ability to filter waste and pollutants out of the water which eliminates the need for a filtration system. Even better is that this is a handmade item so you know that it is of a quality build, plus it is also flame polished for a really sleek look.