Best LED lights for marine coral reef tank – reviews & buying guide

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Tropical Marine Centre AquaRay's from the UK now includes the Newest generation of & licensed Osram Olson NP & CREE XR-E, XP-E, XP-G, XT-E, XB-D, & ML-E high performance LED emitters. These are among the best emitters available for Aquarium LED Lights.
Jan 14, 2017 - LED Lighting for the marine aquarium has improved over the last decade. This article covers the best LED Lights for growing coral in 2017.
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At Aquarium Specialty we offer the best aquarium lighting products at great prices and we offer expert advice and support. Please call or email us if you need help selecting the best aquarium lighting option for your setup. We offer a wide variety of reef aquarium, freshwater and planted aquarium , , reflectors, ballasts, timers, metal halide fixtures and much more. Some of the brands include Giesemann, ATI, , Build My LED, Hamilton Technology, Ecoxotic, Innovative Marine, & Jump to Best led lights for reef tank 2017 - From the reviews, you should be in a position to make an informed decision about the best options to choose when it comes to LED lighting. Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light. 165W LED Aquarium Plant Light Full spectrum Dimmable. LED Aquarium Light Fixture for Saltwater, Coral Tanks.
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First of all the legs on the Current USA can change sizes. This takes the "I hope they fit" questions out of the equation. Once you have them at the right length they stay in place.

As for the casing of the Current USA LED aquarium light it is made of a solid aluminum housing that gives a sleek and modern look to the light strip.

The box and remote seen in front of the light is actually a controller for the light. This allows for a great amount of flexibility with your lights. In fact I have previously written on how to Essentially it will allow you to set full, specific, day long light cycles as well as control both the blue and white lighting elements separately. Honestly it is the best timer on the market, so coming with the light is an enormous benefit.

Using the remote you can control your light from a distance at the push of a button. This may sound lazy but after using a touch sensor light for a few years the buttons are a welcome gift.

The controller allows for four different light cycles, each of which can be fully customized and saved into the controllers memory. The lights intensity can be set from anywhere between 0-100% intensity.

The one big downside here is that you cannot lose the remote. If you do it becomes impossible to do anything with the light. The remote is pretty big and hard to lose imo but still be extra sure to not lose it too badly. Still if you have it set to a normal day cycle when you lose the remote the light works just fine. Choosing the best light for your system is one of the most important decisions that one can make. Lighting is often more expensive than the tank and stand if it’s done properly. Choosing amongst all of the LED options on the market can be overwhelming for the beginner, confusing for the average hobbyist and even difficult for experienced aquarists. Fortunately by arming yourself with some basic knowledge of LED lighting you can sift through the mountains of data and decipher the facts to arrive at the best possible choice for your aquarium.So, which models of aquarium would be the best in a or any other type of ? A number of models exist which would be best for your aquarium. We get to share a few important tips to consider when picking these LED lights and the top models on the market right now.2016 has some excellent, affordable and coral ready lights for the marine aquarium. In fact there are many MANY units available on offer. This review covers the most popular fixtures available – the best led lights for growing coral. Prices range from sub $100 to $500+. We will explore wattage, size and which is the best value for your dollar. This article runs through the best LED lights for growing coral in the hobby and gives the advantages and disadvantages of each LED unit.