Best aquarium LED light for fish tank – reviews & choosing guide

How to Create the Best LED Lighting Effects for African Cichlid Aquariums
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The 90 degree beam angle is the most popular beam angle for aquarium applications when the lights are mounted on the aquarium. When installed 2 to 3" above the water, this beam angle is typically used to cover an 18" wide aquarium.
Note: For aquariums with a single row of fixtures, this is usually the best beam angle selection when the lights are installed 2 to 3" above the water.
This LED light's exceptional performance got it on this list of the best aquarium LED lighting.
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• Simply stated, these LEDs can maintain optimum lighting for reef and planted aquariums along with the best LEDs for less electrical output and a warranty no other LED even comes close to!! i want to install aquarium leds for alternate sun light what kind of leds you recommend for best my live plants in aquarium
Photo provided by FlickrLet’s explore some of the best LED lights for the planted aquarium. What are the best LED setups for 2016? Well, we discuss these below.
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Choosing LED aquarium lights over older methods of lighting brings a lot of benefits to the table. Combined with the constantly shrinking price, picking the best LED aquarium lighting of 2016 is now a priority for aquarists across the globe.

Only a few years ago even the best LED aquarium lighting fixtures were far from affordable and did not possess the strength/reliability they do today. Because of this many view LED aquarium lights as an expensive luxury well out of their reach when in reality the cost is actually lower than most other forms of lighting in the long run. First of all the legs on the Current USA can change sizes. This takes the "I hope they fit" questions out of the equation. Once you have them at the right length they stay in place.

As for the casing of the Current USA LED aquarium light it is made of a solid aluminum housing that gives a sleek and modern look to the light strip.

The box and remote seen in front of the light is actually a controller for the light. This allows for a great amount of flexibility with your lights. In fact I have previously written on how to Essentially it will allow you to set full, specific, day long light cycles as well as control both the blue and white lighting elements separately. Honestly it is the best timer on the market, so coming with the light is an enormous benefit.

Using the remote you can control your light from a distance at the push of a button. This may sound lazy but after using a touch sensor light for a few years the buttons are a welcome gift.

The controller allows for four different light cycles, each of which can be fully customized and saved into the controllers memory. The lights intensity can be set from anywhere between 0-100% intensity.

The one big downside here is that you cannot lose the remote. If you do it becomes impossible to do anything with the light. The remote is pretty big and hard to lose imo but still be extra sure to not lose it too badly. Still if you have it set to a normal day cycle when you lose the remote the light works just fine. The sellers of the Galaxyhydro offer some of the best customer service available. Simply inform them of your problem and they will often fix it free of charge. Honestly unless you tell them you smashed your light with a baseball bat I doubt they would refuse you. The people who respond are very friendly and patient. More surprisingly they actually know a fair bit of aquarist jargon which makes describing the problems even easier. Combining all these factors easily rates this as one of the best LED aquarium lighting fixtures One thing that all fish and aquarium plants need is a light source to stay alive. In this LED Aquarium Lighting Guide we will talk about the things to consider before buying a specific type of lighting, how to make your own LED aquarium light, the nuances of different kinds of lighting, and which LED light is best for your tank.