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German-made Tunze powerheads are one of the best high flow powerheads available. They are smaller and can be hidden in the aquarium easier than competing brands. Tunze pumps can be configured in a wide range of positions to target any area of the tank. For aquariums from 5.3 - 132 gallons Flow rate:…
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…one of the industry’s best warranty and customer service through Tunze USA. German-made Tunze powerheads are the best high flow powerheads available. They are smaller and can be hidden in the aquarium easier than competing brands. Tunze pumps can be configured in a wide range of positions to target… What Makes The Best Powerhead? When deciding on your aquariums powerhead there are 4 main things to focus on: Flow Rate; Size; Durability; Sound level.
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Finding the right powerhead for your tank can be the difference between happy coral with clean sand beds and sandstorms/detritus build up. Additionally we want a powerhead to match our specific needs. New aquarists aren't looking for wallet destroyers like the Vortech, while those who are building large tanks will need something they can depend on for years or even decades. Taking these various factors into account I've gathered up what I consider to be the best aquarium powerheads of 2016. A problem every aquarium fan has faced, keeping your sand bed clean is accomplished by having adquate water flow in all the right places. While direct contact with the sand bed would keep debris off the base of the tank, powerheads can cause sandstorms if positioned too aggressively. A close but not direct apporach is best, as this will sweep the sand until it settles in the perfect position. Anything higher such as left over food or wastes will be blown away until they reach your filtration. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a Tunze fan, but these pumps easily earn their place as the best aquarium powerhead. They are powerful, reliable, nearly silent and fairly small. The price is a bit up there, but it is money well spent as the powerhead still runs like new over a decade later. For those who are new to the aquarium hobby and aren't ready to sink a lot of money into their tanks, SunSun produces cheap powerheads that move tons of water. Their lifetimes can be a real gamble, but the low price is often more than enough to justify it. Additionally many aquarists will move up in tank size after one year or abandon the hobby if they find it doesn't suit them. For these reasons I've chosen the SunSun JVP series as the best entry level powerhead. The warranty provided on the Maxspect is only 1 year after the date of purchase, which came as a huge shock to me considering the price of the Gyre.

The biggest offset to the warranty is how the lifetime plays out. Most owners can expect to use the Gyre for as long as they want. The big difference here is that individual parts will break rather than the whole powerhead becoming a dead unit. This means over 10 yeas you may have to replace between 3-10 parts. While some components may be cheap the cost does add up. This is one powerhead that doesn't get cheaper as the lifetime goes on. The unique and unmatched flow however is more than enough to earn this is the best aquarium powerhead when price is no issue. The main purpose of aquarium water pumps (powerheads) is to operate the filtration systems of home aquariums, aquaponics, and hydroponic systems. This helpful equipment is commonly chosen by creative aquarists, who want to DIY their own aquarium filters. In , a water pump is placed in sump tanks to return the water back to the main tank after it is filtered. Powerheads are also used to operate instead of using . Moreover, you can easily find water pumps as a main component of , … No matter what you use a water pump for, you will need a durable one with an appropriate flow rate. Following are some of the best aquarium water pumps recommended for you.