I'm looking for the best air stones for my underground filter.

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So, first, the type of air stone... In situations where I have hadneed or desire to use an air stone, I have found that the compressedglass bead air stones tend to be the best - with one exception - Ifyou are using an air stone driven on your marine aquarium, the wooden air stones give off afiner cascade of bubbles and therefore make the skimmer much moreefficient.
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Please avoid listening to any of this information. The best tea is proven to be made with a dissolved oxygen level above 6.0 ppm and the small aquarium pump isn’t even close. You might even make a tea that could cause problems in your garden. If you have to use an aquarium pump with a cheap airstone then keep the brew to a 1-2 gallon size, maybe a milk jug. What is the best air stone to get very fine bubbles, maybe even a misty look
Photo provided by FlickrBest air stone and check valve??
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This video highlights ModularHydro's exclusive Air Injection Technology (AIT) for soil, hydroponics, and aquariums! Let us show you in detail the different applications in action as well as go over the available sizes. Air injection Technology is truly revolutionary and out performs the best air stone.
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